How to Open the RAR File (NEW)

How to open the “rar” file.



If you know the simple steps but still can’t access it, it may be that the file downloaded is incomplete or corrupted. If so delete it, then retry the download.



Opening a compressed file is easy:

  1. Download WinRar and run the program

Download WinRar
1. Double click on the file icon

Your rar file
2. Click “CLOSE” on the alert window

3. Extract by clicking on the Menu

Double Click
4. Done. Your file will be at the same location as the RAR

Your Folder



2 thoughts on “How to Open the RAR File (NEW)”

  1. I’ve been a user of BIAB since version 1, in fact I’m told I’m one of the first 200 buyers of the program in the US. I’ve been a producer/songwriter/musician/studio owner/entertainer/publisher and now teacher for over 60 years, yes you read that right, old dude. We used the first BIAB in my studio as an assist, digital was just coming into play and the internet was still a modem and excited when we got 33k. Having spent years on the road with Major stars, then a Capital Records artist myself and signed with Screen Gems, EMI as a songwriter (both 3 year stints) I then started my own studios producing and finding new talent. Enough about me, wanted to give you a little background. My point in this comment is having used and still using BIAB for all these years, I still consider it one of the most under valued music assist and teaching programs out there. And after all these years I still picked up some new pointers from your tutorial. I appreciate your time in creating the tutorial and wish you the best. Jimmy Lee, Kansas City, MO

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