How to open the “rar” file (BiaB Collection)
how to open a rar-file


If you know the simple steps but still can’t access it, it may be that the file downloaded is incomplete or corrupted. If so delete it, then retry the download.


Opening a compressed file is easy:

  1. Download WinRar and run the program

Download WinRar
1. Double click on the file icon

Your rar file
2. Click “CLOSE” on the alert window

3. Extract by clicking on the Menu

Double Click
4. Done. Your file will be at the same location as the RAR

Your Folder


The Unarchiver is the app you need to open RAR on Mac. It’s times more powerful than the native macOS utility and supports infinitely more archive formats.  The Mac App “The UnArchiver” is free, works instantly, easily, and without issue.


How to Open a RAR File