PDF Band-in-a-Box Tutorial Download

PDF Band-in-a-Box Easy Tutorial Free Download

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Author: Giancarlo

One-Man-Band guitar player with self-composed backing tracks using Band-in-a-Box RealTracks

4 thoughts on “PDF Band-in-a-Box Tutorial Download”

  1. I just bought your 600 plus tracks. Where do you put the tracks do that BIAB can access them?

  2. Hi John
    I Changed All the midi tracks to real tracks on my Band in the box
    i have the 2012 version copied the lyrics to clip Board i opened
    then in note pad .Can you advise how i then down load the song
    i have created on Band in the box . to my computer. by the way
    John the the down load you offer is great Value but i wouldnt
    Use a lot of them . i would be more interested in ballads
    Country Ect Best wishes Mike Clarke

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