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On this page we’ll place SGU files realized and shared by other musicians.

If you’re interested submitting your own, you may send your files to Giancarlo,, and it will be added as soon as possible.

A brief comment and a description of the tracks you’ve provided will be appreciated.

Thomas Crosthwaite
I am attaching one of my own for you (I do unusual arrangements for classic songs), hope you like.

Eight days a week (beatle-gras)

03/10/22  H v Rosmalen

Here some new SGU files (most  made biab 2022 version ) for youre Fan made sgu files page.  Hope you wil place them and other people can share and download these files.

Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cirus

act naturally – Beatles

againt the wind – B Seger

all i want is you – U2

Black magic woman – Santana

Blue Hotel – Chris Isaak

burning love – Elvis

Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

cry to me – Solomon Burke

good luck charm- elvis

HELLO MARY LOU- Ricky Nelson

Honky Tonk woman – Stones

i put a spell on you- CCR

i’d rather go blind – Beth Hart

Knockin_On_Heavens_Door- B Dylan

lambada – Kaoma

love hurts – nazareth

lucky lips – Clif Richard

MAKE ME SMILE – Cockny Rebel

Massachusettes – Beegees

mean woman blues – Elvis

nights in white satin – Mody Blues

oh darling — The beatles

OH DONNA – Richie Vallens

on the wings of a nightingale – Everly Brothers (1)

one – U2

ONLY THE LONELY – Roy Orbinson

parisenne walkways – G moore

Riders On The Storm – The Doors

route 66 – Stones

stil got the blues – G moore

sunny afternoon – the kinks


TEACH YOUR CHILDREN – Crosby , stills and nash

The road ahead – City to City


tulsa time – Eric Clapton

VENUS- Shocking Bleu

walk of life – Dire Straits

without you – Nilsson

wonderful – Eric Clapton

words don’t come easy to me – FR David

You Are So Beautiful – J Cocker

you cant alway get – Stones










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11 thoughts on “Fan-made SGUs”

  1. OK, I bought the .sgu collection last night, and found a great style to fit the Eagles – Tequila Sunrise. I have the newest 2018 version with ALL the extra styles, so you might not have this style. It is called

    _Diamond.sty Bright diamond 70’s Pop

    Here is a link to a folder with that .sty renamed & a full BiaB render….

    And here is a folder with all the seps so you can mix it yourself….


    1. Jim, I really enjoyed that. How do I find that style to purchase from the PG music web site [ I currently have the 2018 MegaPak +extra style Pak4 ]
      _Diamond.sty Bright diamond 70’s Pop

  2. I can open and play the file (Bad Moon) – and I can hear the bass. But when I try to show the Lead Sheet window I do not see any notation for the bass. Is there a way to show the lead sheet? Can BIAB generate the sheet notation?
    thanks for any info.

    1. Hi Mark,
      If it’s MIDI the bass line will show. If it’s a Real Track, the notation will only show if there is a green underscore below BASS.
      In the lead sheet window, there are some buttons at the top middle of the screen. Those are for the parts – B will show the Bass part. From there, you can play around options by pressing the Opt button.
      I don’t use lead sheets, maybe some reader can be more helpful

  3. Here some more songs
    Stones , Honky tonk woman , JJ Cale Magnolia % call me the breeze, Chis Isaak Wicked Game, Neil Young like a hurricane
    Eagles peacefull easy feelings Bleus Kansas City, Bad moon rising, wholl stop the rain CCR
    Have some funn
    Hans v Rosmalen
    CCR who’ll stop the rain.sgu
    THE WEEKND – Wicked Games.sgu
    PETER GREEN Need Your Love So Bad.sgu
    CCR Bad Moon Rising.SGU
    EAGLES Peaceful Easy Feeling.sgu
    JJ CALE Call Me The Breeze.sgu
    NEIL YOUNG Like A Hurricane.sgu
    ROLLING STONES Honky Tonk Woman.sgu
    JJ CALE Magnolia.sgu
    FATS DOMINO Kansas City.sgu

    1. Hi!
      Thank you for Need Your Love So Bad. I have been trying to get it right, but you have made a very good version. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for adding this song John
    I use the Band in a Box 2015 Version UltraPlusPAK with RealBand ( 1800 real tracks. Midi supertracks, HQ midi sound ect))
    The following instruments :
    Bass = 902 Electrisch Smooth Cool SW16 ( green coller)
    Strings:2062 Ritme Pop Country (Midi super track) Light blue collor
    Drums : 8888 LaPopJazzQuick Ev8
    Synth pad: 1805 Pop Belige Gel 16 ( super midi track)
    Organ: 689 Organ B3 bacjkground Pop Gel 85

    See print screen below

    If you wish i have more songs ( sometimes in a different style than the original songs , we like to make a cover in our own style)
    added a U2 song called One . Hope you like this one too , can send you more.
    Kind Regards
    Hans v Rosmalen
    also known as TheRossie58 at Fandalism , this is a portal/site specialy for mucisian , composer, ect
    you can join this club and become a member for free , there are a lot of very good musicians , presenting their music.
    Here is my link :
    Mostly the most songs are mixed using Band in a Box as backingtrack!!

  5. Hello John
    Added a Biab file for you, made it for backing track , for rehearsal and performance.
    Streets of Philadelphia ( Bruce Springsteen) created by Band in a Box 2015 Plus pack
    hope you will place it into the Homepage SGU part, and like this version.
    Kind Regards
    H v Rosmalen

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