Lyrics Tutorial

How to add lyrics on mp3 song

These easy steps allow you to use the lyrics of this site with the BiaB mp3


1. Download Minilyrics (or similar) and install.
2. (If you already posses my files skip this step) The name of the mp3 and that of the lrc must be identical, with the difference being in the extension only (e.g. let it be.mp3 and let it be.lrc). The spaces between the letters will count.
3. Be sure that the mp3 file and the lyrics file (.lrc) are in the SAME FOLDER.
4. Play the mp3 song, and the lyrics must appear.
Note: (you can change size, colors etc. by right-clicking on the player (e.g. WMP) and choosing “Display Options”)

How to add lrc lyrics

How to download the lyrics from

1. Left click on the “grey” name of the song

1 lrc text

2. In the next page left click on the yellow name of the song

2 .lrc download

3. The auto-download starts

13-01-2015 23_03-000207

5. Extract the file.

You need to add “.lrc” (exemple: FREE Alright now.lrc)


6. Important:   The lyrics file has the same name as the audio file, with a different file-name extension. For example, song.lrc.

In other words: The name of the Lyrics file and the name of the mp3 audio file must be exactly the same, with the difference of the extension “.lrc” in the name of the text file.

Note: the lyrics file is compressed as the provider of this site would not allow the upload of the original LRC file.

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