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  1. damo

    hi.Im confused by the Mixolydian diagram..shouldnt the fourth degree of the scale in the octave be a fret lower?


    • Giancarlo

      The fourth degree of the Mixolydian scale is half tone after the third degree (as the major scale).

      The Mixolydian scale is the scale that appears when a major scale is played with the fifth note (fifth scale-degree) as the root.
      Thus, a C major scale played from “G” is a G Mixolydian scale (G A B C D E F G)
      The G Mixolydian mode is the same as a C major.
      Major scale: T – T – ST – T – T – T – ST
      Mixolydian scale: T – T – ST – T – T – ST – T


      • Dan

        He meant the 4th degree on the G string : it should be a fret lower .


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