SGU Free Download

SGU Free Download (Band-in-a-Box files)

BiaB Sgu Files download
BiaB Sgu download

Download the sgu files and modify the track you prefer  (left click to download).

With Band-in-a-Box you will be able make any changes you want.

With Band-in-a-Box you will be able make any changes you want.

Note: Depending on the realtracks you own, there may be differences in settings.
Before listening to a .sgu song with BiaB, mute unnecessary tracks. In other words, leave only the most important tracks active, such as bass, guitar and drums, usually tracks 1, 3 and 4.
By default, all tracks are active, and if you don’t make a selection, you can get an unnatural sound.

Download the following sgu backing track and open it with your Band in a Box. Following an mp3 audio, to hear the result after the application of some real tracks:

More sgu backing tracks free download (Full sgu collection here):

ACDC Highway to Hell

AEROSMITH I don’t wanna miss a thing

BYRDS I’ll feel a whole lot better


CREAM White room

DOORS People are strange

EAGLES Already Gone

EAGLES Hotel California


EUROPE The Final Countdown

GARY MOORE Parisienne Walkways

GARY MOORE Still Got the Blues

JEFF HALEY While my guitar gently weeps



JOE COCKER With a little help of my friends

LOVIN’ SPOONFUL Summer in the city


SANTANA The Game of Love

…More SGUs (Fan-made page)

If you prefer backing tracks acoustic only, you can try these SGU files


What is a biab sgu file? How to open .sgu files?

The biab sgu file  is a multitrack song.  The “.sgu” is an extension (songname.sgu) associated with Band-in-a-Box.
To open a sgu file you will require the Band-in-a-Box software.
SGUs files are the “source” of the backing tracks.

If you want to change the key of the song, you need the original “sgu” file, created by Band in a Box.
BiaB SGUs will allow you to transpose, delete/add some track etc., with no loss in quality as the midi, but with live recordings.

Where does the sgu file come from.

If you have BiaB and you create your own tracks, get the sgu file by saving the song (saving the song does not mean exporting it, such as mp3/wav, in that case it would not be editable anymore).
If you do not have “Band in a Box”, or you do not have the time or the desire to create your own pieces, you can download privately arranged mp3s, from this site.

If you download these, you will have to use them as they are, if you have the correct sgu file instead, you will be able make any changes you want, as with a midi file, with only limiting the number of RealTracks in your possession.

SGU is the extension of files that contain your relayed song with BiaB. These files are not playable with a music player, but only with the BiaB program.

Auto created songs are saved in a format called “.sgu”, that of band-in-a-box software, which can also be exchanged between musicians, allowing modifications.
The sgu file can be opened by BiaB and modified as you like, key, instruments etc.

However, to play it live, it is not practical to use sgu themselves (search, lyrics, etc.)
To do so, it is more practical a media player.

The difference between SGU, MGU and MGX files

All these name extensions are files openable only with BiaB.
SGU and MGU are files that can contain RealTracks, while MGX are midi files.

Meaning of letters

If the song does not have a melody, it starts with an ‘S’ (eg SGU). If the song has a melody, the extension begins with an ‘M’ (eg MGU, MGX).

Specify better:
S.  The song does not have a melody.
G.  This is a song (G is always present in the BiaB files).
U.  The style is a user style.
M. The song has a melody.
X.  Midi files in a single track

You will not find MGU files on this site, as melody files do not serve the musician who use backing tracks, and they are performed live by the musician, as a vocal or solo instrument.


  • The files are in a compressed format (It is not possible to upload the .sgu file directly to my server for security reasons)
  • If your OS filter blocks the download, read HERE
  • How To Open a RAR file

Many are requesting more .sgu version of the BiaB backing tracks, to be able to modify the key and other parameters.  Uploading a complete and tidy list is hard work. On THIS PAGE, you can have access to all my SGU files.

Technical note (if you have Band in a Box): 

  • When playing the .sgu file don’t forget to “mute” the instruments not needed. 

  • When you see a red square on the bar, click F5 to let you see the current settings.

I waiting for your suggestions, comments or questions (English, Italiano, Español, Français).

Giancarlo (John)





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29 thoughts on “SGU Free Download”

  1. Hi,
    my hard drive crashed and I lost the files I had.I also changed my email. Tried to recover files from Google Drive but it there but not allowing me to access.I really like the content you have created and hope you can help.Thanks in advance,

  2. Giancarlo,
    I am very impressed with all of your hard work. Very impressive I currently do not have 59.95 to invest, which is rather sad because I really wanted to purchase your package. It is a fair price for all the work you have done. There is so much on the website it is a bit overwhelming I could spend months going through it all. Thank you for your time and quick response and for clarifying everything for me, I really appreciate it. Marshall from Shreveport Louisiana USA

    1. Hi Marshall,
      Thanks for your appreciation and I understand.
      No problem, start with free downloads and get some experience.
      Later you could then buy just the sgus for $39 and then pay only the $20 difference for the complete collection by emailing me.
      Have a nice day at work with BiaB!

  3. Ciao Giancarlo,
    I’m very pleased with my purchase and the quality of the files and the value of your product is outstanding. I have one question related to the RealTracks and RealStyles. Since I have the Pro version of Band in a Box 2019, there are many styles and RealTracks which are not included, and the program does fairly well at replacing RealTracks with a MIDI track, although in some cases, the particular instrument (Bass, Piano, etc.) is just about empty of sound. I’m not planning to purchase a more complete version of the product in the near future, but that may change. In the meantime, I was wondering if there was a particular set of RealTracks or RealStyles that you know of that would be most useful. I would purchase them from PG Music if needed. My tastes tend to run toward the Jazz/Funk side, so from your track list I believe Santana, CCR and Steely Dan would be most relevant.
    If you have any other recommendations for improving the playback of your files, and you have some information on your site that would be useful, please point me to the right place. I’ve reviewed quite a bit of it with the exception of the one Tutorial, since I’ve already read and viewed quite a number of videos from the BIAB page on YouTube, but if you think that would be helpful, then I will try it as well. I’m still a novice at using BIAB, so I want to make sure I get the most out of your creations.
    Finally, I was wondering if you plan to add any additional files in the future. If so, I would be interested in purchasing them, depending on the artists/songs included and the package price. It does seem that BIAB is has a somewhat limited audience (although I could be wrong), but I think that is partly because most people really don’t fully understand the power and functionality of the program.

    1. The songs sgu are have been made ready but logically the styles that BiaB offers you by default do not convey the most satisfying results. You will need to replace these with added realtracks. The more realtracks you have, the more genres your music making will cover.

  4. Hi, Just bought the collection, a lot of great tunes. One question I have is the Bruce Springsteen file I’m On Fire, when opened it pulls up a Beatles tune. Is there a way to get that file? I really like that song and was looking forward to it. Thanks Kevin

  5. I need help installing the sgu files that I have downloaded. Where do you place the files so that BIAB Program can access the files.

  6. Giancarlo, I’ve downloaded the files and have just started trying some of them, love
    your arrangements, hope someday to be able to really understand the BIAB. I had
    worked up about twenty of my old time favorites and that helped a lot in learning how
    to use the software, still a LOT to learn. Found your website and listened to a few of your
    creations and for the price it is more than worth it to have the chord patterns for so many
    songs, and with the new styles and real tracks, that will cut my learning time and seeing
    how you built the songs will be good training lessons for me to study.
    Love BIAB, I’m still a novice on using the program but see that it is very powerful.
    Played music (or tried) for 60 years, mostly country, southern rock and bluegrass.
    I have BIAB 2017, upgraded from 2016 and added all the new styles available.

    Are you working in RealBand on anything, I can see where it would be more creative in
    adding and mixing tracks to make music sound more realistic, but that will have to wait
    until I can get my head around BIAB first.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. HI, I have just bought the collection – thanks – lots of tracks here I will have great fun with! I am new to BIAB though (I have 2009 version), and when I open the file it defaults always to a “jazz” style. Is that normal and do I need to change the style myself or am I doing something wrong? Sorry for the question but I am new to this! Thanks, John

    1. Hi John,
      It all probably depends on the version you have. I have used the 2012 and the most recent 2015. In any case, you must almost always manually change styles regardless, choosing among those in your possession and heed the result. Seems likely that you, having perhaps parts of real tracks different from mine, BIAB imposed departing jazz styles into your version (BIAB has always given priority to the jazz genre). But it should not be a problem. With sgu you always need a small operation to change these unwanted sounds, rarely a track sounds perfect at the first act of the project.
      Try to find a newer version. You may let me know what happens.

      1. Thanks, actually it was 2015 edition (mistyping!) – but I can see now how to change the styles. I have just worked out how to change them for my band to try and do a modern rock song in the style of say 1930’s jazz. Brilliant! Do you keep adding to the songs? Do you sell updates? Thanks for your work!

      2. Hi John,
        – If you send me your sgu, I’ll be happy to add it on the site.
        – The updates are made occasionally. In the sales page you will see the date. If you notice a more recent change, write me and I’ll send you the new version for free.

  8. Hi Jens,
    Your comment gives me opportunity to clarify a few points.
    – You must have certainly tested some of the files (from this page) before purchasing. These demo tracks are not demos, they are exactly as those in the collection in which you have downloaded. If you have met them, you should not have problems with your new sgus.
    – Some sgu (only a small few) have not been completed, but are kept in the list for their convenience, even if they are only drafts.
    – “Europe” is also present here on this page. The old files in your possession must simply be replaced, of which I have taken to correct by updating the .rar file, as this fault has already been made in evident by a former comment(
    – The collection of 600 sgu is not a product of any larger company, but simply the fruit of my profession as musician, all of which I exploit for my live performances. The 25$ offer is an extremely fair deal rarely seen anywhere else.
    – The songs were never targeted to be Jazz (the site never implied that they could be). These are malleable tracks for musicians of all types to improvise with live (consisting the majority). Rock, blues, country etc. The chords are not particularly complex, as you can see in the use of the 9th, 13th, m7b5 (Still Got The Blues) etc.
    – No melody. The soloist is delivered directly by the musician, which is why these are called Backing Tracks!
    – I do not possess all the backing tracks of the BIAB, as they are unnecessary. If you can simply replace my tracks with those in your possession, the sound could alter slightly but stay valid still.
    I find that your criticism on my product particularly severe, since my musical style is clearly evident from the site itself, made clear by the samples I have given, freely testable and verifiable before anyone could have made their purchase.

        Could you publish the SGU for Santana’s “Game Of Love”

  9. Giancarlo,

    Your videos for creating backup tracks are so easy to follow that it helped me immensely. Thanks a bunch for sharing your skills and expertise on this backup software.

  10. Giancarlo,
    Your videos for creating backing tracks are so simple and straight forward. I was able to follow and make my own easily.

    Thanks for sharing your skills. God bless you.

  11. grato Mi chiedo se sarebbe POST A PAGINA i file SGU: Still Loving You (SCORPIONS), the final countdown (EUROPE), Gary Moore parisienne walkways, Still Got the Blues, MUSICAS DA BANDA ROUPA NOVA COMO: VOLTA PRA MIM, DONA, SEGUINDO NO TREM AZUL E A MUSICA LA BAMBA LOS LOBOS.

    1. Non ho i file latino che mi hai richiesto. Ricorda che al momento i miei file .sgu non sono stati verificati. Aggiungo Moore e Europe

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