All the BiaB SGU Files in a Single Download

Don’t have time to build your own Band-in-a-Box backing tracks? Download the complete collection of ready-made templates of over 650 songs. Export them as they are or customize them with your favorite key and instruments!

You need the Band-In-A-Box® software along with the “RealTracks” expansions required to produce authentic music.

(Years of work at an affordable price for anyone. Real testimonials at the bottom)

Making your own backing track from scratch requires patience and effort.
Now you can download these songs in “sgu” format, which require minimum edit to desired changes.

These are songs ready to be edited and modified with the BIAB program to aid any who will profess as musicians. A simple check of the real tracks, and in some case by merely changing the key note, will allow you to quickly personalize the sgu backing tracks.

Band-in-a-box SGU files

These are the songs he uses to play live with the most famous band classics: rock, blues and country.
You can use the BiaB SGUs files in their “editor’s edition” or edit them through: time, key, instruments etc. in a single click.

These are years worth of work, and they are now offered at a modest price of $35.

If you do not require the whole collection, just only a few of the songs, the bundle will still save you time and effort.

The BiaB SGU Files allow you natural live performances as professionals, mimicking real musicians along side you, unrestricted by the “artificial” sounds of the midi or any other commonly downloadable backing tracks from the net.

It is worthy to note that you have Giancarlo’s assistance alongside the price, who would be happy to reply to any question (

Download the BiaB SGU Tracks (PayPal button below) and immediately start exploiting them for your own ends.

Download Now. Price $35

Real sounds mean greater involvement of the public and greater job opportunities!

  • All the SGU files in a single download.
  • 661 original files Real Tracks SGU made for live performances.
  • (New!) The Download is updated (April 2020)
  • Before your purchase you can take a listen to a sample of songs on the free download page

CLICK HERE for the complete LIST SGU 661 files

Download Now. Price $35


Band-in-a-Box My Everything Pack

(The complete backing tracks collection from my hard disk: MP3s +Lyrics + SGUs)

  • 600+ LYRICS synchronized
  • 600+ SGU Files

(6GB download) / SGU Complete Selection / MP3 Complete Selection

MP3 BAND-IN-A-BOX Guitar Real Backing Tracks + Lyrics (3.4 GB). 369 MP3s+369 LRC files. These tracks are made with Band-in-a-Box. These are all original and used for playing live. 

SGU FilesMore than 600 original files Real Tracks SGU made for live performances.

BONUS 1:  MP3s (midi source)+ Lyrics (710MB). 72 mp3s+72 LRC files. These Backing Tracks come from the editing of high quality midi files, ready to be used live.

BONUS 2: MP3s + Lyrics (2GB).  184 MP3s +184 lrc files. These Tracks come from popular Guitar Backing Tracks, optimized and improved.

All Mp3s include LRC files for Lyrics synchronized*. Audio Quality 320 kbps.

These are years worth of work to create a tool essential for any Live Guitarist. Don’t waste time, download everything and you’re ready to play.

A valuable realization produced in the years as a live guitar player.
Although you many not need some of the songs, others may be part of your repertoire.
These are unique and original, most based on instruments played by real musicians.
In this list you will also find many tracks that are not available on the web.

Ready to go live

Ready to go live


Download Now. Price  $69

Check out sample of songs on the free download page

For further info, contact me on this email: ggriscenko@gmail (Giancarlo).

For convenience, the Mp3 download (total 6.1 GB) is divided into a few parts:

  • Part1 / MP3 BIAB + Lyrics (3.4 GB)
  • Part2 / BONUS 1: MP3 MIDI + Lyrics (710MB)
  • Part3 / BONUS 2: MP3 Guitar Backing Tracks + Lyrics (2GB)
  • Part4 / all the BIAB SGUs

Click HERE for the Full 600+  MP3s List 

CLICK HERE for the complete LIST 661  SGU files

Ff you have doubts on how to use the songs, here is a simple guide:

How To Install the Backing Tracks


Download Now. Price  $69


Note: The download link will be delivered by PayPal subsequent payment. In case you don’t see the link, please contact Giancarlo directly at I will send the files link to you by email.

Giancarlo Griscenko For further questions (English, Italiano, Español, Français): (Giancarlo)

*All Mp3s include LRC files

Testimonials (from real emails)


…other comments at the bottom of the page

Why are LRC files so important?

This kind of files, combined with mp3s, allows you to automatically read the lyrics during a performance (tutorial here)

If you do not want to use the lyrics (karaoke-style) in the synchronized video (for example because your MP3 player does not support the lyrics), you can choose to print them and collect them into a book.

It’s easy to find lyrics on the web.

But what if you have to print them? Text are not optimized for singing the song.
Often many phrases are omitted, such as the repetitions.

The chords (if there are any) are often wrong, and occupy an additional line, making printing
impossible in a single page.
In this download, you find lyrics tested live, and often with the chords.
The format is LRC, but you can easily save them in text format.

Before you print, you should check the space occupied by the words, perhaps changing the size of the font. In any case, it is only a minimum effort than required in the case of classical printing of the texts downloaded from the web.


More Testimonials and Comments (all are real, not “copy and paste”) are on the page SGU Free Download




Hi Giancario, I have tried some of your files and they sound terrific.
Again, what you present is superb.  Rgds, Donal

CommentsBOB SHILLING on Thursday, July 14, 2016 10:17 AM

Thank you Giancarlo! You folks have been very supportive and gracious. The SGU files have saved me an enormous amount of time since so many of the songs you’ve done are ones I will be adding to my repertoire. Much success! Bob


thank you for the large number of excellent tracks that saves me time. Files sgu required to change key in some track.  Wide selection of mp3s ready with lyrics especially for the period 60-70, the one that interests me more.

Testimonial 1JOSE RETAMAL

A  hora te escribo en español. Muchas gracias giancarlo, tu trabajo es excelente, las versiones de los temas están espectaculares. Ahora sólo me queda disfrutarlo tocando la guitarra, que es lo que más me gusta hacer en la vida. Un abrazo grande desde Chile.


Bonjour merci pour votre Site genial vos arrangement un son parfecte… travailles avec ce programme Band in a Box un version ancienne……

comments Band in a BoxKRISTER JOHANSSON

Hi, I have bought all of your things on your website, and I am very impressed.
This I have been waiting for. Now I have a lot more to learn… (continue on Tutorials Comments)

SGU BackingTracks