Main Guitar Chords

Easy Guitar Chords for Beginners

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How to read a chord

How to read a guitar chord

Main Guitar Chords

Your first chords to learn

Main guitar chords to start

These are the most used ” Major” Chords. If you can play these chords, you’ve done 90% of the work, and you will not find any difficult to learn the following chords.

The most difficult to play out is “F“.

However there is a very important alternative, which is the “Bar” (or “Barre”) version. After this you will be able to make almost any chord this way:


f barre barre mano


Two more very important chords are B and Bb, both of them in the Bar version:



As you can see the shape is the same, differing only for a semitone. Than moving the same Bar Chord forward or backward you get all 12 chords!

b Bb

Ex.: Starting from B

  • Backward: 1s= Bb, 2s= A       (s = semitone)
  • Forward:    1s= C, 2s = C#, 3s = D, 4s = D#

This system applies to any Bar Chord

Ex.: Starting from F

  • Backward: 1s E
  • Forward:    1s F, 2s F#, 3s G, 4s G#


First  three “Minor” Chords to learn

first 3 minor chords to learn


More “Bar” Minor Chords:

more minor chords to learnAs you can see,  moving Bm one fret forward, you get Cm (more 2 frets you get Dm, and going forward all the Bar Chords).

Moving Fm 2 frets forward, you get Gm (more 2 frets you get Am, and going forward all the Bar Chords).


First three “Seventh” Chords to learn

Easy Seventh Chords

More Seventh Chords:

more seventh chords

These are the basic seven chords that are part of most tables in guitar chords.
Those with the bar can be constructed by moving the index finger (# 1) up and down on the fretboard, for example a C7 important alternative can be to obtained with the fingering of F7 moved at the 8th fret.
Two different chords are still very important, are A7 and F7.

more seventh  chords, A7 F7



F7 is very similar to the previous one, but it is also widely used in this second version with all the four fingers.



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