Remove Vocals from Any Songs, for Free!

Better than Band in a Box? Remove vocals from any songs, for free!

A new free program with artificial intelligence for creating customized backing tracks. 

It is an online program, no installation. The song is saved after editing it to your computer.

We will also analyze the Pros and Cons of our beloved BiaB software.

How It Works

AI-Powered Music Separator

This app allows to separate music into an individual streams such as vocal, bass, percussion, and lets you rebalance their individual volumes. This is the simplest way to get multitracks from any song.

Once you choose a song, artificial intelligence will separate music into stems: vocals, bass, drums, others. Processing usually takes about 1 minute.

In many cases (like mine) Band in a Box is used to create customized backing tracks, with the desired instruments, styles, key and tempo.

In some cases this track remover program can be used for some needs, for example when you can’t get a satisfactory song with Band in a Box, and instead you want a backing track faithful to the original.

The two most important parts of the program are Vocal Remover and Splitter

Vocal Remover

Separate voice from music out of a song free with powerful AI algorithms

The program is easy to use, upload the file you want to modify and after a few seconds download the version you are interested in, for example the one with only the instrumental part.

Here is an example of songs with the vocal track removed.

THE BEATLES: Honey Don’t

DIRE STRAITS: Romeo and Juliet

If you also want to eliminate other instruments (for example you don’t want the lead guitar or maybe you just want bass and drums) you have to use the other version of the program, “Splitter”, whose functioning is similar.



Split music into separated parts with AI-Powered algorithms

Here is an example of a Motown song (Love Train) . This is the original before the editing:

Here is an example of the song with only the bass and drums tracks left:


Video test and tutorial

Pros and Cons compared to Band in a Box


  • Immediate creation of the backing track, without the vocal part.
  • Instrumental part faithful to the original.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Does not require installation.
  • It’s free.


  • The quality of the backing track is not comparable to Band in a Box.
  • Some instruments, such as the guitar, cannot be deleted individually, unless you use only the bass and drum parts with the Splitter program.
  • Being an audio file, any modification of the tonality leads to a deterioration of the sound quality. This doesn’t happen with Band in a Box, because the tracks are recorded by real musicians in all keys.


The programs also have other functions. We mention them here:
Audio Speed and Pitch Changer
Changes pitch and tempo of the song by adjusting musical key and bpm sliders.

Note: affects the quality of the audio, it is not recommended to change more than one tone.

Audio Speed and Pitch Changer
Audio Speed and Pitch Changer

Audio Cutter
Free editor to trim and cut any audio file online.
Audio Joiner
Join multiple audio tracks into one. Choose audio files you want to merge
Sing & Song Key and BPM Finder
Analyzes music and finds Key, Scale and BPM for any songrecord, tune voice and save complete song. Choose karaoke track you want to sing with
Recording Voice Over a Song.
Sing & record, tune voice and save complete song. Choose karaoke track you want to sing with.


I’ve tried several AI programs, but this one works well and is free.
You don’t install anything, no demo, you just save the song after the modifications.

It can be used to replace Band in a Box in some cases, such as when for example our creation deviates too much from the desired version, or you have little time available or when you don’t have the right RealTracks.

Remember that on the site you will find many free backing tracks (.sgu) ready to download, and also an upgrade with a complete collection of over 600 songs at a price accessible to anyone.


Here’s another trick to make a backing track even from a karaoke version using artificial intelligence!  Backing Track from Karaoke with AI




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