415 Files – 4,589 GB

This is the list of songs contained in the BIAB  Audio Collection

Every song in this collection is crafted using realtracks, ensuring an authentic and high-quality musical experience. And that’s not all – each song comes with its own synchronized lyrics file.

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  1. 4 NON BLONDES What’s up (A).mp3
  2. ACDC Highway To Hell (A) bb.mp3
  3. ACDC-Its-A-Long-Way-A-bb.mp3
  4. ADELE Skyfall (BIII Cm)bb.mp3
  5. AEROSMITH I Dont Want Miss (G) (Ac) bb.mp3
  6. ALBERT KING Born Under A Bad Sign (G) bb.mp3
  7. ALLMAN BROTHERS Ramblin Man (D) bb.mp3
  8. AQUA BarbieGirl (Bm7) bb.mp3
  9. ARTHUR SMITH Guitar Boogie (E) bb.mp3
  10. BANGLES Manic Mondays (D) bb.mp3
  11. BARBRA STREISAND Woman in Love (Em)bb.mp3
  12. BARRY MCGUIRE Eve Of Destruction (C) bb.mp3
  13. BB KING Thrill I sGone (Em) bb.mp3
  14. BBKING 3 o’ Clock In The Morning (G) bb.mp3
  15. BBKING Help The Poor (Dm) bb.mp3
  16. BBKING Kind Hearted Woman (E7) BB.mp3
  17. BBKING Thrill Is Gone (Em) bb.mp3
  18. BEATLES Cant Buy (D) bb.mp3
  19. BEATLES All My Loving (Bm) bb.mp3
  20. BEATLES Come Together (A) bb.mp3
  21. BEATLES Dizzy Miss Lizzy (D7) bb.mp3
  22. BEATLES Drive My Car (E7) bb.mp3
  23. BEATLES Here Comes (D) BIAB.mp3
  24. BEATLES I Feel Fine (A, D7) bb.mp3
  25. BEATLES i saw her standing (A) bb.mp3
  26. BEATLES I’m A Loser (Dm7, C) bb.mp3
  27. BEATLES I’m Down (A7) bb.mp3
  28. BEATLES Imagine (A) bb.mp3
  29. BEATLES Kansas City (C) bb.mp3
  30. BEATLES Love Me Do (A) bb.mp3
  31. BEATLES Nowhere Man (C) BIAB.mp3
  32. BEATLES When I’m 64 (G) bb.mp3
  33. BEATLES While My Guitar (Em) bb.mp3
  34. BEATLES You’re Gonna Lose (A) bb.mp3
  35. BEN E. KING Stand By Me (A) bb.mp3
  36. BEN E. KING Stand By Me (D) bb.mp3
  37. BGEES I Started A Joke (D) bb – Copy.mp3
  38. BGEES I Started A Joke (D) bb.mp3
  39. BGUIRE Eve Of Destruction (C) bb – Copy.mp3
  40. BGUIRE Eve Of Destruction (C) bb.mp3
  41. BILLY RAY AchyBreakyHeart (D) bb.mp3
  42. BIRDS A Whole L. (F) bb.mp3
  43. BIRDS My Back Pages BIAB.mp3
  44. BIRDS You Are Going To Nowhere (G) bb.mp3
  45. BLONDIE SundayGirl (D) bb.mp3
  46. BLONDIE TideIsHigh (D) bb.mp3
  47. BLUES BROTHERS Ghost Riders (Am) bb.mp3
  48. BLUES BROTHERS Gimmie Some Loving (G) bb.mp3
  49. BLUES BROTHERS Rahwide (Am) bb.mp3
  50. BLUES BROTHERS Sweet Home Chicago (C7) bb.mp3
  51. BO DIDDLEY Mona (C) bb.mp3
  52. BO DIDLEY Bo Didley (C).mp3
  53. BOB MARLEY I Shot Sheriff (Bm).mp3
  54. BOB MARLEY No Woman (G) bb.mp3
  55. BOB MARLEY Redemption Song (D) bb.mp3
  56. BOBBY MC FERRIN Don’t Worry Be Happy (C) bb.mp3
  57. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN I’m On Fire (D) bb.mp3
  58. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN The River (Bm, D) bb.mp3
  59. BUFFALO SPINGFIELD What It’s Worth (E) bb.mp3
  60. CARABAO Talet Jai (C) bb.mp3
  61. CCR Cotton Fields (D) bb.mp3
  62. CCR Have You Even (A).wav
  63. CCR Jambalaya (G, C) bb.mp3
  64. CCR Lodi (C,D) bb.mp3
  65. CCR Looking At My Back Door (E) bb.mp3
  66. CCR Midnight Special (G) bb.mp3
  67. CCR Proud Mary (Straight Version) (A) bb.mp3
  68. CCR Travellin’ Band (E, A) bb.mp3
  69. CCR WhosStopTheRain (C) bb.mp3
  70. CEE LO GREEN Forget You (D) bb.mp3
  71. CELIN DION MyHeartWillGoOn (E) bb.mp3
  72. CHRIS REA The Road To hell (Am).mp3
  73. CHUBBY CHECKER Limbo Rock (A) bb.mp3
  74. CLAPTON Hey Hey (E) bb.mp3
  75. CLAPTON I’ve Got A Rock&Roll Heart (E) bb.mp3
  76. CLAPTON Key To The Highway (G) bb.mp3
  77. CLAPTON Layla (Dm) bb.mp3
  78. CLAPTON Nobody Wants You BIV (C) bb.mp3
  79. CLAPTON OLD LOVE (Bm) bb.mp3
  80. CLAPTON Promises (G) bb.mp3
  81. CLAPTON Riding w. the King (A Start G) bb.mp3
  82. CLAPTON San Francisco Bay (G) bb.mp3
  83. CLAPTON Signe (A) bb.mp3
  84. CLAPTON Tears In Heaven (D) bb.mp3
  85. CLAPTON Wonderful Tonight (D) bb.mp3
  86. CLAPTON Worries Life Blues (G) bb.mp3
  87. CLIFF & SHADOWS Do You Wanna Dance (G).wav
  88. COLDPLAY The Scientist (Am) bb.mp3
  89. COUNTRY Hey Good Looking (A) bb.mp3
  90. COUNTRY Tom Dooley (E) bb.mp3
  91. COUNTRY Will The Circle (D) bb.mp3
  92. CRANBERRIES Zombie (Gm) bb.mp3
  93. CREAM Sunshine Of You Love (A) bb.mp3
  94. CREAM White Room (Dm) bb.mp3
  95. DAN FOGELBERG Sutters Mill (C) bb.mp3
  96. DAVE DUDLEY Six Days On The Road (C,F) bb.mp3
  97. DAVID BOWIE Heroes (E) bb.mp3
  98. DEEP PURPLE Blind Man (F#m).wav
  99. DEEP PURPLE Burn (Cm) bb.mp3
  100. DEEP PURPLE Fireball (Em) bb.mp3
  101. DEEP PURPLE Smoke On The Water (Em) bb.mp3
  102. DEEP PURPLE Stormbringer (Gm) bb.mp3
  103. DEEP PURPLE Strange Kind (Bm).mp3
  104. DIANA ROSS Stop In the Name Of Love (C) bb.mp3
  105. DIANA ROSS You Cant Hurry 2(C) bb.mp3
  106. DIDO White Flag (Dm) bb.mp3
  107. DIRE STRAITS Brothers In Arms (Gbm) bb.mp3
  108. DIRE STRAITS Darling Pretty (A) bb.mp3
  109. DIRE STRAITS Money For Nothing (Gm).mp3
  110. DOOBY BROTHERS Long Train Running (Bm) bb.mp3
  111. DOORS Light My Fire (Am) bb.mp3
  112. DOORS Riders On The Storm (Em) bb.mp3
  113. DOORS Roadhouse Blues (A7) bb.mp3
  114. DYLAN blowind In The Wind (C, D) bb.mp3
  115. DYLAN Dont Think Twice (G) BIAB.mp3
  116. DYLAN I Shall Be Released (D) BIAB.mp3
  117. DYLAN Just L.A.Woman (C) BIAB.mp3
  118. EAGLES Already Gone (D) bb.mp3
  119. EAGLES Best of my love BV C bb.mp3
  120. EAGLES Desperado (D) bb.mp3
  121. EAGLES Love Will Keeps (C) bb.mp3
  122. EAGLES Lying Eyes (D) bb.mp3
  123. EAGLES New Kid (C2 G) bb.mp3
  124. EAGLES One Of These Nights (Am) bb.mp3
  125. EAGLES Peaceful E.F. (D) bb.mp3
  126. EAGLES Peaceful Easy (D) bb.mp3
  127. EAGLES Take It Easy (D) bb.mp3
  128. EAGLES The Long Run C (bb).mp3
  129. EAGLES Waiting In The Weeds (D) bb.mp3
  130. EDDIE AND H.R. Do Anything (C).wav
  131. ELTON JOHN Can You Feel (G) bb.mp3
  132. ELTON JOHN Rocket Man (Dm) bb.mp3
  133. ELVIS Blue Moon Of Kentucky (G) bb.mp3
  134. ELVIS Burning Love (G) bb.mp3
  135. ELVIS Dont Be Cruel (C) bb.mp3
  136. ELVIS Heartbreak Hotel (A) bb.mp3
  137. ELVIS Hound Dog (A) bb.mp3
  138. ELVIS I Cant Help Falling In Love (D) bb.mp3
  139. ELVIS Mistery Train (A) bb.mp3
  140. ELVIS Return To Sender (A) bb.mp3
  141. ELVIS Souspicious Mind (C) bb.mp3
  142. ELVIS That’s Alright Mama bb (D7).mp3
  143. ELVIS Viva Las Vegas (D) bb.mp3
  144. ELVIS you are Always OMM (D) bb.mp3
  145. EUROPE Final Count. (Gbm) bb.mp3
  146. EUROPE Superstitious (F) bb.mp3
  147. FREE Alright Now (G) bb.mp3
  148. GARY JULES MadWorld (Bm) bb.mp3
  149. GARY MOORE Walking By Myself (A) bb.mp3
  150. GEORGE HARRISON My Sweet Lord (Am) bb.mp3
  151. GLEN CAMPBELL Rhinestone Cowboy (G) bb.mp3
  152. GREEN DAY Basket Case (D)bb.wav
  153. GREEN DAY Time Of Your Life (D) bb.mp3
  154. GREEN DAY Wake Me Up (E) bb.mp3
  155. GTHOROGOOD Six Days (G) bb.mp3
  156. GUNS & ROSES Knockin On HD (G) bb.mp3
  157. GUNS AND ROSES Sweet Child (D) bb.mp3
  158. HURRIGANES China Town (A).mp3
  159. HURRIGANES Road Runner (E).wav
  160. IGGY POP The Passenger (Am).mp3
  161. IGGY POP Wild One (E).wav
  162. ITALIA Arrivederci Roma (Cha Cha) (C) bb.mp3
  163. ITALIA BATTISTI Un Avventura (C) bb.mp3
  164. ITALIA CELENTANO Sola (A) bb.mp3
  165. ITALIA Che Sara (BIIIG)(A#) bb.mp3
  166. ITALIA LIGABUE Balliamo Sul Mondo (C) bb.mp3
  167. ITALIA LIGABUE Certe Notti (C) bb.mp3
  168. ITALIA Mambo Italiano (Am) bb.mp3
  169. ITALIA PDANIELE Je’ So Pazzo (Cm) bb.mp3
  170. ITALIA PDANIELE Napule e’ (Cmaj) bb.mp3
  171. ITALIA ROKES C’e’ Una Strana – Walk IN The Room (G) bb.mp3
  172. ITALIA TuVoFaL’Americano (Dm) bb.mp3
  173. ITALIA VASCO Albachiara (C) bb.mp3
  174. ITALIA VASCO Vita Spericolata (C) bb.mp3
  175. ITALIA ZUCCHERO Diavolo in Me (A7) bb.mp3
  176. ITALIA ZUCCHERO Hey Man (C) bb.mp3
  177. JACKSON 5 Abc (C) bb.mp3
  178. JAMES BROWN I Feel Good (C7) bb.mp3
  179. JANIS JOPLIN Me And Bobby Mc Gee (C) bb.mp3
  180. JANIS JOPLIN Somebody to Love (Em) bb.mp3
  181. JASON MRAZ I’m yours (B).mp3
  182. JAZZ Route66 (E) bb.mp3
  183. JAZZ Summertime (Am) bb.mp3
  184. JEFF BACK People Get Ready (A,B) bb.mp3
  185. JENNY LEWIS BarkingMoon (A) bb.mp3
  186. JERRY LEE LEWIS I Got A Woman (G) bb.mp3
  187. JERRY LEE LEWIS Mean Woman Blues (G) bb.mp3
  188. JERRY LEE LEWIS Whole Lotta Shakin (G) bb.mp3
  189. JETHRO TULL Bouree (Dm) bb.mp3
  190. JIMI HENDRIX All Along (Abm) bb.mp3
  191. JIMI HENDRIX Foxy Lady (A) bb.mp3
  192. JIMI HENDRIX Little Wing (Am) bb.mp3
  193. JIMI HENDRIX Red House (G) bb.wav
  194. JIMI HENDRIX Voodoo Child (A7) bb.mp3
  195. JIMMY RUFFIN What Becomes (D) bb.mp3
  196. JJCALE After Midnight (G) bb.mp3
  197. JJCALE Call Me The Breeze (E) bb.mp3
  198. JJCALE Cocaine (C) bb.mp3
  199. JJETT I Hate Myself (E) bb.mp3
  200. JJETT Love Hurts (E) bb.mp3
  201. JLHOOKER Dimples (E7) bb.mp3
  202. JLHOOKER One Bourbon One Scotch (G) bb.mp3
  203. JLORD Baby Please Dont Go (E) bb.mp3
  204. JLORD Blues With A feeling (D9) BIAB.mp3
  205. JLORD Lonesome Traveller Blues BIAB (D).mp3
  206. JLORD Money Doesnt Matter (A) BIAB.mp3
  207. JLORD Six Strings Down(Gm) BIAB.mp3
  208. JLORD Strange Brew (C7) bb.mp3
  209. JLORD Who’s Been Talkin’ (Bm) bb.mp3
  210. JLORD You Got A Good Business (C7) bb.mp3
  211. JMAYALL Walking On The Sunset (D) bb.mp3
  212. JOE COCKER Summer In The City (Am) bb.mp3
  213. JOHN DENVER Living On A Jetplain (C) bb.mp3
  214. JOHN DENVER Take Me Home (F) bb.mp3
  215. JOHN LEGEND Who Did That (Dbm) bb.mp3
  216. JOHN PAUL YOUNG Love Is In The Air (G) bb.mp3
  217. JOHNNY CASH Further Up On The R. (Am) bb.mp3
  218. JOHNNY CASH Further up on the road (Am).wav
  219. JOHNNY CASH Hurt (Am).wav
  220. JOHNNY CASH I Walk The Line (E) bb.mp3
  221. JOHNNY CASH Ring Of Fire (G) bb.mp3
  222. JOHNNY CASH The Gambler (D) bb.mp3
  223. JOHNNY RIVERS Secret Agent (Em) w.Intro.wav
  224. JOHNNYCASH Working Man Blues (C) bb.mp3
  225. JTaylor Handy Man (D) bb.mp3
  226. JUSTIN BIEBER Baby (D) bb.mp3
  227. KANSAS Dust In The Wind (Am) bb.mp3
  228. KATY PERRY FridayNight (A) bb.mp3
  229. KINKS Sunny Afternoon (Am) bb.mp3
  230. KINKS WaterlooSunset (A) bb.mp3
  231. KINKS YouReallyGot bb (G).mp3
  232. KUNG FU Fighting (G) bb.mp3
  233. LATINO Besame Mucho (Am) bb.mp3
  234. LATINO Cielito Lindo (G) bb.mp3
  235. LATINO España Cañi (E) bb.mp3
  236. LATINO Girl of Ipanema (Fmaj) bb.mp3
  237. LATINO Guantanamera (D) bb.mp3
  238. LATINO La Cumparsita (Am) bb.mp3
  239. LATINO Malagueña (Em) bb.mp3
  240. LATINO Mambo N.5 (Dm) bb.mp3
  241. LATINO Viva Espana (Am) bb.mp3
  242. LATINO Viva Espana (Dm) bb.mp3
  243. LED ZEPPELIN Rock And Roll (A) bb.mp3
  244. LEE KINGS Stop The Music (Em).wav
  245. LENKA The Show (C) bb.mp3
  246. LENKA Trouble is a friend (Cm).mp3
  247. LENKA Unique (C).mp3
  248. LITTLE RICHARD Keep A Knockin (D).mp3
  249. LIVING DOLL (A) bb.mp3
  250. LIVING DOLL (All Instr.) (A) bb.mp3
  251. LOSO Som Sarn (D) bb.mp3
  252. LOUIE LOUIE (G) bb.mp3
  253. LOUIS ARMSTRONG What a Wonderful World (D) bb.mp3
  254. LYNYRD SKYNYRD Free Bird (E) bb.mp3
  255. LYNYRD SKYNYRD Simple Man (A).wav
  256. LYNYRD SKYNYRD Sweet Home Alabama (D) bb.mp3
  257. MAMA’S AND PAPA’S California Dreaming (Am) bb.mp3
  258. MARC COHN Walking In Menphis (C, G) bb.mp3
  259. MARK KNOPFLER What it is (F#m) bb.mp3
  260. MAVERICKS Dance The Night Away (C) bb.mp3
  261. MICHAEL JACKSON Black Or White (G) bb.mp3
  262. MICHAEL JACKSON I’ll Be There (D) bb.mp3
  263. MICHAEL JACKSON The Girl is Mine (C) bb.mp3
  264. MICHAEL JACKSON You Are Not Alone (D) bb.mp3
  265. MONKEES STEPPIN STONE (Em) bb.mp3
  266. MONKEES Steppin Stone (Em).mp3
  267. MONKIES I´m A Believer (D) bb.mp3
  268. MOODY BLUES Night In White Satin (Dm) bb.mp3
  270. MORE THAN (C) bb.mp3
  271. MWATERS Baby Please Dont Go (E) BIAB.mp3
  272. MWATERS Mojo Working (E7) bb.mp3
  273. NANCY SINATRA These Boots Are Made (A) bb.mp3
  274. NEIL DIAMOND Song Sang Blue (C) bb.mp3
  275. NEIL DIAMOND Sweet Caroline (G) bb.mp3
  276. NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND Mr. Bojangles (C) bb.mp3
  277. NYOUNG Helpless (G) bb.mp3
  278. NYOUNG Hey Hey My My (Dm) bb.mp3
  279. OJAYS Love Train (D) bb.mp3
  280. OMAR AND THE HOWLERS Bad Seed (Abm).mp3
  281. OMAR AND THE HOWLERS Bad Seed (Em).mp3
  282. OZZY Dreaemer (F) bb.mp3
  283. OZZY Iron Man (E) (intro A) bb.mp3
  284. OZZY Paranoid (B) bb.mp3
  285. OZZY War Pigs (A) bb.mp3
  286. PAUL ANKA I Dont like Sleep (F) bb.mp3
  287. PETULA CLARK Downtown (E) bb.mp3
  288. PGREEN I Love Another Woman (Am) bb.mp3
  289. PHARUM A Whiter Shade (G) bb.mp3
  290. PHARUMvari A Whiter Shade (G) bb.mp3
  291. PHONG Rak Jin (D) bb.mp3
  292. PINK FLOYD – Another Brick (Dm).wav
  293. PINK FLOYD WishYouWereHere (D) bb.mp3
  294. PIPELINE (Em) bb.mp3
  295. PRETENDERS I Got You (C) bb.mp3
  296. PRICE TAG (G) bb.mp3
  297. PRINCE Purple Rain (E) bb.mp3
  298. QUEEN Crazy Little Thing (A) bb.mp3
  299. QUEEN We Are the Champions (Em)bb.wav
  300. QUEEN We Will Rock You (A) bb.mp3
  301. RAILROAD TYCOON (C) bb.mp3
  302. RAMONES Baby I Love You (F) bb.mp3
  303. RAMONES BriltzkriegBop (B) bb.mp3
  304. RAMONES Do You Wanna Dance (E) BIAB.mp3
  305. RAMONES Glad to see You Go (D) bb.mp3
  306. RAMONES Gonna Kill That Girl (G).mp3
  307. RAMONES I Wanna Be Sedated (E).mp3
  308. RAMONES I Wanna Be Well (D) bb.mp3
  309. RAMONES Needles aand Pind (D, Gb) BIAB.mp3
  310. RAMONES Out Of Time (D) bb.mp3
  311. RAMONES Sheena is (A) bb.mp3
  312. RAMONES What A Wonderful World (D) BIAB.mp3
  313. RAVELLIN.mp3
  314. RCHARLES Hit The Road JacK (Am) bb.mp3
  315. RCHARLES What I Say (A7) bb.mp3
  316. REM Losing My Religion (Gbm) bb.mp3
  317. RINGO Honey Dont (B) bb.mp3
  318. RINGO Liverpool (D) bb.mp3
  319. RINGO Photograph (Start G, C) bb.mp3
  320. ROBERT GORDON It’s Only Make (G).wav
  321. ROBERT GORDON The Way I Walk (E).wav
  322. ROLLING STONES Brown Sugar (C)bb.wav
  323. ROLLING STONES D.Flowers Punk (D).wav
  324. RORY GALLAGHER Shadow Play.wav
  325. ROY ORBISON Pretty Woman (B;E) bb.mp3
  326. RSTEWARD First Cut (D) bb.mp3
  327. RSTEWART Maggie May (BIII D) (F) bb.mp3
  328. RSTEWART People Get Ready (G) bb.mp3
  329. RSTONES Honky Tonk W (A) bb.mp3
  330. RSTONES Like A R.Stones (A) BIAB.mp3
  331. RSTONES Route 66 (G) bb.mp3
  332. RSTONES Wild Horse (D) BIAB.mp3
  333. SAM AND DAVE Hold On I’m Coming (A) bb.mp3
  334. SAM COOKE Wonderful World (D) bb.mp3
  335. SANTANA BlackMW (B5-Am).mp3
  336. SANTANA Corazone Esp. (Dm) bb.mp3
  337. SANTANA Europa (Cm) bb.mp3
  338. SANTANA Game Of Love (Gbm7) bb.mp3
  339. SANTO & JOHNNY Sleepwalk.mp3
  340. SCORPIONS Holiday Dm.mp3
  341. SCORPIONS Still Loving You Gm.mp3
  342. SCORPIONS Wind Of Change (F) bb.mp3
  343. SEX PISTOLS God Save The Queen (E) bb.mp3
  344. SEX PISTOLS I’m A Lonely Boy (G).wav
  345. SGARFUNKEL Sounds Of Silence (Bm) bb.mp3
  346. SHAKIRA UnderneathYourClothes (G) bb.mp3
  347. SMILLER Jet Airliner (A) bb.mp3
  348. SMILLER The Joker (D) bb.mp3
  349. SMOKIE Living Next Door (A) bb.mp3
  350. SNICKS Stop Draggin’ my heart (Em) bb.mp3
  351. SNICKS Stop Draggin’ my heart (Em).mp3
  352. SPENCER DAVIS I’m a man (Am) bb.mp3
  353. STEPPENWOLF Born To be Wild (B) bb.mp3
  354. STRAYCATS Rock This Town (A) bb.mp3
  355. STRAYCATS Stray Cat Strut (Am) bb.mp3
  356. STRAYCATS You Cant Hurry Love (C) bb.mp3
  357. SUMMER OF 69 (G) bb.mp3
  358. SUZI4 48Crash (A) bb.mp3
  359. TAYLOR SWIFT Love Story (D) bb.mp3
  360. TEMPLE OF THE KING (Em) bb.mp3
  361. TEMPTATION My Girl (G, A) bb.mp3
  362. TENNESSEE FORD 16 Tons (Am) bb.mp3
  363. THE ANIMALS House Risung Sun (Dm) bb.mp3
  364. THE HOLLIES Bus Stop (Am).mp3
  365. THE LEE KINGS Stop The Music (Fm).mp3
  366. THE SHADOWS Apache (Am).mp3
  367. THE SHADOWS Sleepwalk.mp3
  368. THE VENTURES Surf rider.mp3
  369. THEBAND The Weight (D) bb.mp3
  370. TheLionSleeps (F) bb.mp3
  371. TOM JONES Sex Bomb (Em, Abm) bb.mp3
  372. TOMMY WAYNETTE Stand By Your Man (A) bb.mp3
  373. TPETTY American Girl (G) bb.mp3
  374. TPETTY Gunslinger (D) bb.mp3
  375. TPETTY I Need To Know (BIII E) bb.mp3
  376. TPETTY I Need You (F, BIII D) BIAB.mp3
  377. TPETTY IWontBackDown (Am) bb.mp3
  378. TPETTY Learnig To Fly (G) bb.mp3
  379. TPETTY Listen To Her Heart (D)(BV-A) bb.mp3
  380. TPETTY MaryJane’s (Em) bb.mp3
  381. TPETTY Refugee (BV-Em) Am bb.mp3
  382. TPETTY The Apartment (A) bb.mp3
  383. TPETTY The Waiting (C) bb.mp3
  384. TPETTY The Wrong Things (Gm) bb.mp3
  385. TPETTY TwoGunslingers (BVI-G) bb.mp3
  386. TPETTY Walls (C, BV G) bb.mp3
  387. TPETTY Want Back Down (Bm) bb.mp3
  388. TPETTY You’re So Bad (Dm) bb.mp3
  389. TPETTY Zombie Zoo (BV G) bb.mp3
  390. TRACY CHAPMAN Baby Can I Hold You (F) bb.mp3
  391. TRAVELING WILBURYS End of the Line (D) bb.mp3
  392. TRAVELING WILBURYS Handle With Care (G) bb.mp3
  393. TRAVELING WILBURYS Inside Out (D) bb.mp3
  394. TRAVELING WILBURYS Nobodys Child (D) BIAB.mp3
  395. TRAVELING WILBURYS Not Alone Anynore (G) bb.mp3
  396. TRINY LOPEZ If i had a Hammer (G) bb.mp3
  397. U2 One Love (Am) bb.mp3
  398. UB40 Red Red Wine (G) bb.mp3
  399. UFO Rock Bottom (A) bb.mp3
  400. URIAH HEEP Easy Leaving (Am) bb.mp3
  401. URIAH HEEP Gypsy bb (G).mp3
  402. VAN MORRISON Brown Eyed Girl (C) bb.mp3
  403. VAN MORRISON Have I Told You (D) bb.mp3
  404. VENTURES Bumble Bee (Am).mp3
  405. WALTER TROUT Turn Off Your Tv (G) bb.mp3
  406. WHO BabaRiley (G) bb.mp3
  407. WHO Behind Blue Eyes (Bm) bb.mp3
  408. WHO I cant explain (C) bb.mp3
  409. WHO The Kids (A) bb.mp3
  410. YARBIRDS Heart Full Of Soul (Dm) bb.mp3
  411. ZUCCHERO Senza Una Donna (Em) bb.mp3
  412. ZZTOP Rough Boy (F).wav
  413. ZZTOP Sharp Dressed Man (G) bb.mp3
  414. ZZTOP Tush (A) BIAB.mp3
  415. 415. ZZTOP Tush (C).wav

415 Files – 4,589 GB




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