Band-in-a-Box RealDrums Set List

RealDrums Band-in-a-Box Set List

The list of RealDrums complements and completes the list of RealTracks of Band in a Box. The list is not as vast, however, as already done for the real tracks list, a synthetic list is useful for a first choice.

All RealDrums styles were recorded with top session players!

How to see the realtracks and realdrums in our possession

Each RealDrums set contains a list of styles. Refer to the PG Music pages (every set has a demo video) for the details. PG Music is a trademark owned by “PG Music Inc.”.

Tip: If you already own some of these RealDrums styles, try them out by downloading the free sgu files.


If you have a lot of real drums you can play different kinds of music. In most cases it is enough to limit the choice to those most commonly used
If you have a lot of real drums you can play different kinds of music. In most cases it is enough to limit the choice to those most commonly used.

RealDrums Set List

RealDrums Set List updated 23/8/2020   


RealDrums Set 1: Rock and Jazz

RealDrums Set 2: Waltzes, Country, Reggae Jazz and More

RealDrums Set 3: Fusion, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Bossa and More

RealDrums Set 4: Pop, Rock, and More

RealDrums Set 5: Latin

RealDrums Set 6: Nashville Classic

RealDrums Set 7: Nashville Swing

RealDrums Set 8: Lite Pop, Rock, Pop, Blues

RealDrums Set 9: Ethnic and Country

RealDrums Set 10: Bossa and Jazz

RealDrums Set 11: About Time, Pop, Rock and More

RealDrums Set 12: Salsa Clasica

RealDrums Set 13: Salsa Moderna

RealDrums Set 14: Techno 1: Progressive

RealDrums Set 15: Techno 2: Party

RealDrums Set 16: Urban Pop

RealDrums Set 17: Terry Clarke Modern Jazz

RealDrums Set 18: Terry Clarke Classic Jazz & Bossa

RealDrums Set 19: Terry Clarke Trading Fours

RealDrums Set 20: LA Pop Jazz

RealDrums Set 21: Rock, Blues, Metal and more!

RealDrums Set 22: Modern Rock

RealDrums Set 23: Classic Jazz

RealDrums Set 24: Jazz Waltz

RealDrums Set 25: Nashville Brushes 1

RealDrums Set 26: Nashville Brushes 2

RealDrums Set 27: More Rock

RealDrums Set 28: Smooth Jazz

RealDrums Set 29: Country Pop

The Band-In-A-Box® RealTracks Set List




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