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How to Import Chords from Midi file

Note: this method shown above is quick and easy. If you have problems due to old versions of Band in a Box or for other reasons, the following tutorial, alternative method (“The Trick”) always works:

The Trick: How The Experts Create a Song In A Few Minutes Without Learning The Chords!

(You need only the midi song file)

Band-in-a-Box SGU Files Download. Your pre-made backing track.

 7 Must Know Tips and Tricks for Band In A Box

NEW! Band In A Box Tutorial: Create Your Original Real Song, without Musicians!

Download the free sgu file of this tutorial

How to create a blues backing track

How to play mp3s and edit the lyrics (guide)

How to create a backing track / Part 1

LRC LYRICS TUTORIAL . How To Add Lyrics on MP3

Band In A Box Tutorial – Create Europa (Santana)


How to create a backing track / Part 1 (Old Version )

How to create a backing track / Part 2 (Old Version )


In Italiano. Come creare la tua base musicale 

Video List from the “YouTube Channel

SGU BackingTracks