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After a few years from the previous “Band in a Box Handy Tutorial” which has had great appreciation from Band in a Box users, here is a new PDF that is more than a simple update, given the experience gained in recent years, but a real complete practical manual!

Unfortunately the difficulty of using the original manufacturer’s manual due to the vastness of the information contained that can discourage those who are starting out, here is our new practical tutorial that simplifies every operation and makes creating a backing track a quick and easy operation. pleasant.

This new manual of 40 pages  is practical and concise, explaining step by step how to proceed, using those shortcuts and tricks unknown to most to quickly create a perfect song.

The topics covered are almost all accompanied by videos to facilitate understanding of the simple procedures.

The PDF begins with some simple practical realizations and then proceeds with exclusive topics that simplify and speed up the creation of the backtrack: they are valuable tips and tricks!

A unique PDF version of its kind, full of illustrations, indispensable for beginners and useful even for the most expert!

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Versione in Italiano (Italian version)

SGU BackingTracks

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