BAND IN A BOX Acoustic Backing Tracks

Pay in Cryptocurrencies (5% Discount)

  1. Select the payment method (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin,Dogecoin).
  2. Send the exact amount indicated, don’t include transaction fee. If you send any other amount, payment system will ignore.
  3. After payment you will receive the download link (allow approximately 24 hours from the time of payment).

If you do not receive the link automatically, no problem, write to Giancarlo ( who will send it to you via email.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH)  or Litecoin (LTC) suggested, due to the low fees. Bitcoin (BTC) has higher transaction costs. The fee for Bitcoin Cash is $ 0.005 on average. For Litecoin, it is $ 0.018 on average. While in both cases the transaction fee is not high, Bitcoin Cash charges significantly lower fees.

Ensure the network you choose to deposit matches the withdrawal network, or assets may be lost:

BITCOIN CASH. Send only BCH to the deposit address. Ensure the network is Bitcoin Cash.
LITECOIN. Send only LTC to the deposit address. Ensure the network is Litecoin.
DOGE COIN. Send only DOGE to the deposit address. Ensure the network is Dogecoin.
BITCOIN. Send only BTC to the deposit address. Ensure the network is Bitcoin.

For any additional information contact Giancarlo (

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SGU BackingTracks

Author: GiancarloG

One-Man-Band guitar player with self-composed backing tracks using Band-in-a-Box RealTracks

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