How To Import and Play a Midi File on Band in a Box

How To import and play a midi file on Band-In-A-Box® with separate realtracks The Band-In-A-Box  Trick: How The Experts Create a Song In A Few Minutes Without Learning The Chords! We want to create a backing track in a few minutes, with real instruments. Watch the video,  but you can also follow the tutorial step [...]

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PDF Band-in-a-Box Tutorial Download

PDF Band-in-a-Box Easy Tutorial Free Download  

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key transposer

Key Transposer: Backing Tracks in Different Keys Transposing the key with BiaB Why a different key? A different pitch is often essential for a singer that needs lower tones, such as a woman's voice. Maybe you have noticed that many of these backing tracks are played in different keys. Some of you have expressed disappointment in [...]

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How to Open the RAR File (NEW)

How to open the "rar" file (BiaB Collection) Warning: If you know the simple steps but still can't access it, it may be that the file downloaded is incomplete or corrupted. If so delete it, then retry the download. WINDOWS USERS Opening a compressed file is easy: Download WinRar and run the program 1. Double [...]

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How to Open a RAR File

If you have downloaded a file with a".rar" extension (my full biab collection) This is a RAR compressed file. How to see the content? The easiest method to open a RAR file is to install a program like WinZip or WinRAR. Both of these software applications will allow you to open a RAR file. The [...]

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How To Download a Compressed File

Some problem with your download? Read the PDF (or save it) Content 1. How to download 2. Big Size Files (as mp3s collection) 3. Problem : SmartScreen blocks my download [pdf-embedder url="https://www.theguitarband.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/How-to-Files-download1.pdf"] These articles may interest you: How To Open RAR Files Smart Screen Blocks The Download

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