Band-in-a-Box RealDrums Set List

RealDrums Band-in-a-Box Set List The list of RealDrums complements and completes the list of RealTracks of Band in a Box. The list is not as vast, however, as already done for the real tracks list, a synthetic list is useful for a first choice. All RealDrums styles were recorded with top session players! Each RealDrums [...]

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The Band-In-A-Box® RealTracks Set List

The Band-In-A-Box® RealTracks Set List How to choose your best RealTracks and Styles I don't know about you, but I never got to know all the realtracks available for Band in a Box.  How do you search through thousands of sounds and instruments? If you have had the same problem, this list can help you! [...]

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