Rock Your Tracks: Discovering the Perfect RealTracks!

Are you tired of sounding like a one-man band? Discover the perfect RealTracks band to rock your tracks and take your music to the next level!

Get Ready to Rock Your Band in a Box Tracks

Music is a universal language that speaks to every soul. Whether you’re a professional musician or an amateur, the ability to create music that resonates with your soul can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

One of the most exciting advancements in music technology has been the development of Band in a Box RealTracks. These virtual recording are comprised of real musicians playing real instruments, delivering an unparalleled authenticity to your musical creations.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to find the perfect RealTracks to help you rock your tracks.

Find Your Perfect RealTracks

RealTracks are essentially virtual musicians that can be added to your songs, allowing you to create professional-sounding tracks without the need for a full band.

The key to finding the perfect RealTrack is to consider the genre of music you’re creating. RealTracks  are available for a wide range of genres, including rock, jazz, blues, country, and more. For example, if you’re creating a blues track, you’ll want to choose a RealTracks band that specializes in blues music.

Another important consideration when choosing a RealTracks band is the instrumentation.

Each RealTracks set includes several musicians playing different instruments. You’ll want to choose a set that includes the instruments you need for your track. For example, if you’re creating a rock track with a focus on guitar, you’ll want to choose a RealTracks set that includes a guitar player.

Most RealTracks bands include drums, bass, guitar, and keyboard players, but there are also bands that include horn players, string players, and more.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices based on genre and instrumentation, it’s time to audition the RealTracks.  Band in a Box music software program include RealTracks and allow you to listen to samples of the recording before making a final decision. Take your time to listen to each set and choose the one that best fits your musical vision.

In conclusion, RealTracks are an amazing tool for musicians of all levels. They allow you to add a professional touch to your backung tracks without the need for a full band.

When choosing a RealTracks band, be sure to consider the genre of music you’re creating, the instrumentation you need, and take the time to audition several packages before making a final decision.

With the right RealTracks , you’ll be well on your way to rocking your songs!

Valuable tip for reading friends: immediately finding the realtracks that best fit your song:

All The RealTracks in 1 Click!

SGU BackingTracks

SGU Acoustic Free Download

SGU Acoustic Free Download (Band-in-a-Box files)

For those who play live acoustic.

These acoustic tracks are not the classic backing tracks, and it makes little sense to be listened to alone, but must be played on them with your instrument (at the end of the page a video example of how to use them).

I suggest you download the sgu files from this page to see the result on your Band in a Box program (just left click on the title). Under the title the audio (.wav) version.

With Band-in-a-Box you will be able make any changes you want.

Technical Note: To get started, mute all tracks except one dedicated to the acoustic guitar. Select a RealTrack (example: "Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Ev 120", included in most programs)

More (Full tracks download+songs list)

With Band-in-a-Box you will be able make any changes you want.

Note: Depending on the realtracks you own, there may be differences in settings. Before listening to a .sgu song with BiaB, mute unnecessary tracks. 
By default, all tracks are active, and if you don’t make a selection, you can get an unnatural sound.

Note that these backing tracks are created with the purpose of playing acoustically.  For the classic sgu tracks with full selection of instruments refer to the sgu backing tracks download page

Here is an example of how I use these acoustic backing tracks:

(Full sgu acoustic collection here)


What is a biab sgu file? How to open .sgu files?

The biab sgu file  is a multitrack song.  The “.sgu” is an extension (songname.sgu) associated with Band-in-a-Box.
To open a sgu file you will require the Band-in-a-Box software.
SGUs files are the “source” of the backing tracks.

If you want to change the key of the song, you need the original “sgu” file, created by Band in a Box.
BiaB SGUs will allow you to transpose, delete/add some track etc., with no loss in quality as the midi, but with live recordings.

Where does the sgu file come from.

If you have BiaB and you create your own tracks, get the sgu file by saving the song (saving the song does not mean exporting it, such as mp3/wav, in that case it would not be editable anymore).
If you do not have “Band in a Box”, or you do not have the time or the desire to create your own pieces, you can download privately arranged mp3s, from this site.

If you download these, you will have to use them as they are, if you have the correct sgu file instead, you will be able make any changes you want, as with a midi file, with only limiting the number of RealTracks in your possession.

SGU is the extension of files that contain your relayed song with BiaB. These files are not playable with a music player, but only with the BiaB program.

Auto created songs are saved in a format called “.sgu”, that of band-in-a-box software, which can also be exchanged between musicians, allowing modifications.
The sgu file can be opened by BiaB and modified as you like, key, instruments etc.

However, to play it live, it is not practical to use sgu themselves (search, lyrics, etc.)
To do so, it is more practical a media player.

The difference between SGU, MGU and MGX files

All these name extensions are files openable only with BiaB.
SGU and MGU are files that can contain RealTracks, while MGX are midi files.

Meaning of letters

If the song does not have a melody, it starts with an ‘S’ (eg SGU). If the song has a melody, the extension begins with an ‘M’ (eg MGU, MGX).

Specify better:
S.  The song does not have a melody.
G.  This is a song (G is always present in the BiaB files).
U.  The style is a user style.
M. The song has a melody.
X.  Midi files in a single track

You will not find MGU files on this site, as melody files do not serve the musician who use backing tracks, and they are performed live by the musician, as a vocal or solo instrument.


  • The files are in a compressed format (It is not possible to upload the .sgu file directly to my server for security reasons)
  • If your OS filter blocks the download, read HERE
  • How To Open a RAR file

Many are requesting more .sgu version of the BiaB backing tracks, to be able to modify the key and other parameters.  Uploading a complete and tidy list is hard work. On THIS PAGE, you can have access to all my SGU files.

Technical note (if you have Band in a Box): 


I waiting for your suggestions, comments or questions (English, Italiano, Español, Français).

Giancarlo (John)


SGU BackingTracks

Band-in-a-Box RealDrums Set List

RealDrums Band-in-a-Box Set List

The list of RealDrums complements and completes the list of RealTracks of Band in a Box. The list is not as vast, however, as already done for the real tracks list, a synthetic list is useful for a first choice.

All RealDrums styles were recorded with top session players!

How to see the realtracks and realdrums in our possession

Each RealDrums set contains a list of styles. Refer to the PG Music pages (every set has a demo video) for the details. PG Music is a trademark owned by “PG Music Inc.”.

Tip: If you already own some of these RealDrums styles, try them out by downloading the free sgu files.


If you have a lot of real drums you can play different kinds of music. In most cases it is enough to limit the choice to those most commonly used
If you have a lot of real drums you can play different kinds of music. In most cases it is enough to limit the choice to those most commonly used.

RealDrums Set List

RealDrums Set List updated 23/8/2020   


RealDrums Set 1: Rock and Jazz

RealDrums Set 2: Waltzes, Country, Reggae Jazz and More

RealDrums Set 3: Fusion, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Bossa and More

RealDrums Set 4: Pop, Rock, and More

RealDrums Set 5: Latin

RealDrums Set 6: Nashville Classic

RealDrums Set 7: Nashville Swing

RealDrums Set 8: Lite Pop, Rock, Pop, Blues

RealDrums Set 9: Ethnic and Country

RealDrums Set 10: Bossa and Jazz

RealDrums Set 11: About Time, Pop, Rock and More

RealDrums Set 12: Salsa Clasica

RealDrums Set 13: Salsa Moderna

RealDrums Set 14: Techno 1: Progressive

RealDrums Set 15: Techno 2: Party

RealDrums Set 16: Urban Pop

RealDrums Set 17: Terry Clarke Modern Jazz

RealDrums Set 18: Terry Clarke Classic Jazz & Bossa

RealDrums Set 19: Terry Clarke Trading Fours

RealDrums Set 20: LA Pop Jazz

RealDrums Set 21: Rock, Blues, Metal and more!

RealDrums Set 22: Modern Rock

RealDrums Set 23: Classic Jazz

RealDrums Set 24: Jazz Waltz

RealDrums Set 25: Nashville Brushes 1

RealDrums Set 26: Nashville Brushes 2

RealDrums Set 27: More Rock

RealDrums Set 28: Smooth Jazz

RealDrums Set 29: Country Pop

The Band-In-A-Box® RealTracks Set List

SGU BackingTracks

The Band-In-A-Box® RealTracks Set List

The Band-In-A-Box® RealTracks Set List

How to choose your best RealTracks and Styles

I don’t know about you, but I never got to know all the realtracks available for Band in a Box.  How do you search through thousands of sounds and instruments? If you have had the same problem, this list can help you!

Band in a Box allows you to use an incredible and vast choice of realtracks for all musical tastes, but you don’t need to have all the Band in a Box realtracks (also because it would be quite expensive!). If you play rock and roll maybe you are not interested in the disco/dance RealTracks ?.

The following list includes more than 350 sets, each dedicated to a musical genre. They are divided in the original PG Music website into different pages full of information and details. This makes it uncomfortable to quickly search for your favorite style.

This index allows you to easily scroll through all the content and can help you with a first choice. Each RealTrack set contains a list of instrumental styles. Refer to the PG Music pages (every set has a demo video) for the details.

PG Music is a trademark owned by “PG Music Inc.”.

Tip: If you already own some of these realtracks styles, try them out by downloading the free sgu files.

 1 – 50

RealTracks Set 1:   These RealTracks come with every package of Band-in-a-Box (Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming. Pedal Steel, Background. Sax, Tenor, Jazz)

RealTracks Set 2: Country Ballad

RealTracks Set 3: Swingin’ Country

RealTracks Set 4: Modern Country

RealTracks Set 5: Rockin’ Guitar

RealTracks Set 6: All Metal!

RealTracks Set 7: Acoustic Jazz Bass and Rock Sax! 

RealTracks Set 8: Country Folk

RealTracks Set 9: Country Electric Guitar

RealTracks Set 10: All Blues (Shuffle)

RealTracks Set 11: All Bluegrass (Rhythm) 

RealTracks Set 12: All Bluegrass (Solos)

RealTracks Set 13: Older Jazz Swing Soloists

RealTracks Set 14: Mainstream Swing 

RealTracks Set 15: Mainstream Swing

RealTracks Set 16: Bossa

RealTracks Set 17: Bossa

RealTracks Set 18: Jazz Ballad

RealTracks Set 19: Jazz Ballad

RealTracks Set 20: Dual Rock Guitars

RealTracks Set 21: Clean Strat Rock

RealTracks Set 22: Funk and Pop Bass

RealTracks Set 23: Pop Acoustic Guitar

RealTracks Set 24: Pop Swing 8ths Guitar

RealTracks Set 25: Pop Swing 8ths Bass 1

RealTracks Set 26: Pop Swing 8ths Bass 2

RealTracks Set 27: Dreamy Pop Guitar

RealTracks Set 28: Jazz Waltz

RealTracks Set 29: Freddie and Wes 

RealTracks Set 30: Blues (Slow Swing)

RealTracks Set 31: Blues – Slow Even 8ths

RealTracks Set 32: Blues

RealTracks Set 33: Bluegrass

RealTracks Set 34: Country Train Beat

RealTracks Set 35: Chet and Travis Pickin

RealTracks Set 36: Swingin’ Country 2

RealTracks Set 37: Swingin’ Country 3

RealTracks Set 38: Classic Country 

RealTracks Set 39: Slow Country

RealTracks Set 40: American Pop-Rock

RealTracks Set 41: Rockin’ Hard

RealTracks Set 42: Boogie ‘n Texas Rock

RealTracks Set 43: Rockin’ Down South

RealTracks Set 44: Blues Guitar and Organ

RealTracks Set 45: Driving British Rock

RealTracks Set 46: Medium Pop – Harmonica, Organ, and Bass

RealTracks Set 47: Slow and Fast Pop

RealTracks Set 48: Medium Modern Rock

RealTracks Set 49: Spirited Acoustic Guitar

RealTracks Set 50: More Bossa!

51 – 100

RealTracks Set 51: Slow Bossas and More

RealTracks Set 52: Fast Samba

RealTracks Set 53: Slow Jazz Ballad

RealTracks Set 54: Slow Jazz Ballad

RealTracks Set 55: Fast Bebop Jazz

RealTracks Set 56: Jazz, Old and New

RealTracks Set 57: Jazz Swing, Laid Back

RealTracks Set 58: Jazz and Pop Waltzes

RealTracks Set 59: Crossover

RealTracks Set 60: Country Rock

RealTracks Set 61: Ballads and More

RealTracks Set 62: Western Swing and Bluegrass

RealTracks Set 63: Country Waltz 1

RealTracks Set 64: Country Waltz 2

RealTracks Set 65: Alt-Country

RealTracks Set 66: Modern Nashville Pop

RealTracks Set 67: Rockin’ in 3/4 Time

RealTracks Set 68: R&B Rock

RealTracks Set 69: Rockin’ in the North, Rockin’ in the South

RealTracks Set 70: Piano Pop

RealTracks Set 71: Folk-Rock

RealTracks Set 72: Smooth Jazz – Swing 18ths Hip Hop

RealTracks Set 73: Smooth Jazz – Ballad and Pop

RealTracks Set 74: Ballroom Latin

RealTracks Set 75: More Bossa

RealTracks Set 76: More Jazz Waltz

RealTracks Set 77: Ballad, Stride & More

RealTracks Set 78: Memphis Swing

RealTracks Set 79: Medium Country Boogie

RealTracks Set 80: Fast Country Boogie

RealTracks Set 81: More Country Swing

RealTracks Set 82: More Country Waltz

RealTracks Set 83: LA Hard Rock

RealTracks Set 84: Lite Pop

RealTracks Set 85: Rockin’ Bass

RealTracks Set 86: Blues Rock

RealTracks Set 87: Electric for all Occasions

RealTracks Set 88: 12-String Electric

RealTracks Set 89: Northern Rock Ballad

RealTracks Set 90: Jazz Organ

RealTracks Set 91: Smooth Jazz – Sax Soloing

RealTracks Set 92: Smooth Jazz – Trumpet Soloing

RealTracks Set 93: Smooth Jazz – Rhythm Guitar & Electric Piano Soloing

RealTracks Set 94: Jazz Guitar Soloing and More

RealTracks Set 95: Jazz Rhythm Guitar: Bossa and Swing

RealTracks Set 96: Modern Bluegrass Waltz

RealTracks Set 97: Unplugged Country Swing

RealTracks Set 98: Unplugged, 12-String & Fiddle

RealTracks Set 99: More Country Waltz: Pedal Steel, Bass & Fiddle

RealTracks Set 100: More Western Swing: Pedal Steel & Electric Guitar

101 – 150

RealTracks Set 101: Folk and Country Swing

RealTracks Set 102: Uptempo Reggae

RealTracks Set 103: Slow Groovin’ Reggae

RealTracks Set 104: Celtic Jigs & Reels

RealTracks Set 105: Brent Mason Rock Soloing

RealTracks Set 106: Calypso Pop

RealTracks Set 107: Medium Pop Waltz

RealTracks Set 108: More Rockin’ Bass

RealTracks Set 109: Gypsy Jazz

RealTracks Set 110: Gypsy Jazz

RealTracks Set 111: Steve Nelson’s Jazz Vibes

RealTracks Set 112: Steve Nelson’s Jazz Vibes

RealTracks Set 113: Smooth Jazz

RealTracks Set 114: Smooth Jazz – Poppy Guitar and Electric Piano

RealTracks Set 115: Mike LeDonne’s Swingin’ Jazz Piano

RealTracks Set 116: Praise & Worship – Shining 8ths

RealTracks Set 117: Praise & Worship

RealTracks Set 118: Brent Mason Country Soloing

RealTracks Set 119: TexMex 2-Beat

RealTracks Set 120: TexMex Country

RealTracks Set 121: More Country Banjo, Fiddle & Steel

RealTracks Set 122: ’70s Soul

RealTracks Set 123: Celtic Hornpipes & Slipjigs

RealTracks Set 124: More Pop-Rock Bass

RealTracks Set 125: Crossover Pop

RealTracks Set 126: Fast Pop Waltz

RealTracks Set 127: Groovin’ Jazz Funk

RealTracks Set 128: Gypsy Jazz Latin

RealTracks Set 129: Gypsy Jazz Waltz

RealTracks Set 130: Mike LeDonne – More Swingin’ Piano & Organ

RealTracks Set 131: More Swingin’ Jazz Guitar

RealTracks Set 132: Paul Franklin – Pedal Steel Country Soloing

RealTracks Set 133: More Brent Mason Country Soloing

RealTracks Set 134: Praise & Worship Power

RealTracks Set 135: Praise & Worship Believe

RealTracks Set 136: More Swingin’ Country: Electric Guitar, Fiddle & Piano

RealTracks Set 137: John Jarvis Rockin’ Piano

RealTracks Set 138: ’60s Soul

RealTracks Set 139: Folkie 16ths

RealTracks Set 140: Texas Blues-Rock Shuffle

RealTracks Set 141: Pop 16ths Ballads

RealTracks Set 142: Pop 16ths Medium

RealTracks Set 143: Dixieland – Fast Rhythm Section

RealTracks Set 144: Dixieland – Fast Soloists 

RealTracks Set 145: Jazz-Funk Breezy

RealTracks Set 146: Jazz Fusion Soloing

RealTracks Set 147: Mike LeDonne Bossa

RealTracks Set 148: Solo Accompaniment Jazz Guitar

RealTracks Set 149: Pedal Steel Country with Paul Franklin

RealTracks Set 150: Fancy Fingerpicking

151 – 200

RealTracks Set 151: Praise & Worship – Promise

RealTracks Set 152: Country Drivin’ 8ths

RealTracks Set 153: Bluegrass Waltz & More

RealTracks Set 154: Brent Mason Classic Country Soloing

RealTracks Set 155: John Jarvis Pop Piano

RealTracks Set 156: Texas Blues-Rock: Straight-8ths

RealTracks Set 157: Texas Blues-Rock: Rock ‘n’ Roll

RealTracks Set 158: Modern Dance Pop

RealTracks Set 159: Folk-Pop Ballads

RealTracks Set 160: Jazz-Funk Movin’

RealTracks Set 161: Mike LeDonne Jazz Waltz Organ

RealTracks Set 162: Dixieland – Medium Rhythm Section

RealTracks Set 163: Son Montuno

RealTracks Set 164: Bolero

RealTracks Set 165: John Jarvis Country Piano

RealTracks Set 166: Praise & Worship – Modern Groove

RealTracks Set 167: Country Boogie and More

RealTracks Set 168: Western Swing Soloists

RealTracks Set 169: Killer Country Soloing

RealTracks Set 170: Texas Blues-Rock: Slow Groovin’ 12:8

RealTracks Set 171: Medium Folk-Pop 8ths

RealTracks Set 172: EuroDance

RealTracks Set 173: Celtic Bouzouki and Guitar

RealTracks Set 174: Pop Mandolin, Piano, and Guitar

RealTracks Set 175: Texas Blues-Rock: Smokin’ Blues Sax

RealTracks Set 176: R&B Horns

RealTracks Set 177: Guajira & Guaracha

RealTracks Set 178: Dixieland – Medium Soloists

RealTracks Set 179: Guitar – Jazz and More!

RealTracks Set 180: Classic Jazz Piano

RealTracks Set 181: Smooth Jazz Piano

RealTracks Set 182: More Pedal Steel Country with Paul Franklin

RealTracks Set 183: Country Soloists: Sax and More!

RealTracks Set 184: More John Jarvis Country Piano

RealTracks Set 185: More Killer Country Soloing

RealTracks Set 186: John Jarvis Solo-Accompaniment Piano

RealTracks Set 187: More Fancy Fingerpicking with Brent Mason

RealTracks Set 188: Slow Background Pop Horn Section

RealTracks Set 189: Blues Baritone Sax with Gary Smulyan

RealTracks Set 190: New Orleans Boogie!

RealTracks Set 191: Funky Electric Piano & More

RealTracks Set 192: Dance:  Girlpop, ’80s & more!

RealTracks Set 193: Dance: Disco & More

RealTracks Set 194: Jazz Pollwinners 1: Great Saxes: Phil Woods & Gary Smulyan

RealTracks Set 195: Jazz Pollwinners 2 – Pat Martino Guitar

RealTracks Set 196: Jazz Pollwinners 3 – Killer Rhythm Section

RealTracks Set 197: Jazz Pollwinners 4 – Killer Bossa Rhythm Sections

RealTracks Set 198: Jazz Electric Piano

RealTracks Set 199: JazzPop Piano

RealTracks Set 200: New Orleans Swingin’ Pop

201 – 250

RealTracks Set 201: Brent Mason Nylon & Electric

RealTracks Set 202: Folk & Country Bouzouki

RealTracks Set 202: Folk & Country Bouzouki

RealTracks Set 204: Country Shuffle

RealTracks Set 205: Country Award Winners – Mandolin (Andy), Piano (John) & Resonator Guitar (Rob)

RealTracks Set 206: Pop String Quartet

RealTracks Set 207: Funky Horns

RealTracks Set 208: Rockabilly Set 1 – Fifties Rock and Roll!

RealTracks Set 209: Rockin’ Blues Baritone Sax with Gary Smulyan

RealTracks Set 210: Motown Uptempo R & B

RealTracks Set 211: Motown Vintage Keys and More!

RealTracks Set 212: World Synths

RealTracks Set 213: Pop and Country, Piano and Strings

RealTracks Set 214: Jazz Pollwinners 5 – Killer JazzWaltz Piano, Bass & Drums

RealTracks Set 215: Jazz Pollwinners 6 – Sax & Guitar Soloing, Ballads & Bossas

RealTracks Set 216: Jazz Pollwinners 7 – Swingin’ Sax & Guitar Soloing

RealTracks Set 217: Jazz Pollwinners 8 – Jazz Waltz Sax Solos

RealTracks Set 218: Rockabilly Set 2 – Jive!

RealTracks Set 219: Funky Folk & More!

RealTracks Set 220: Flute and Saxes with Jack Stafford

RealTracks Set 221: Rockabilly Set 3 – BoomChicka!

RealTracks Set 222: Rockabilly Set 4 – Slow Swing

RealTracks Set 223: New Orleans Mardi Gras 16ths

RealTracks Set 224: New Orleans Shuffle

RealTracks Set 225: Banjo, Guitar & Bass – Hip Folk

RealTracks Set 226: Requested Country-Pop Drum Grooves

RealTracks Set 227: Brent Mason – Baritone Guitar and More!

RealTracks Set 228: Modern Pop with Zane Carney

RealTracks Set 229: Great Pop Drums and Percussion

RealTracks Set 230: Surf Rock

RealTracks Set 231: Retro Synths and Modern R ‘n’ B

RealTracks Set 232: Pop String Quartets

RealTracks Set 233: New Age Piano and More

RealTracks Set 234: Acoustic Bass, Back To Basics

RealTracks Set 235: Punk!

RealTracks Set 236: Cocktail Jazz Horns!

RealTracks Set 237: Jon Herington Jazz-Rock Guitar

RealTracks Set 238: Danny Gottlieb Jazz Drums

RealTracks Set 239: Great Funk Bass with Alex Al

RealTracks Set 240: Straight Ahead Funk!

RealTracks Set 241: Swingin’ Funk!

RealTracks Set 242: Praise Break!

RealTracks Set 243: Blues Baritone and Resonator Guitars

RealTracks Set 244: Jazz Background Horns with Jack Stafford

RealTracks Set 245: Brent Mason – Country Blues Rock and More

RealTracks Set 246: Classic Country Piano with John Jarvis

RealTracks Set 247: Country Brushes and Percussion

RealTracks Set 248: Oberkrainer!  Folk Music From the Alps

RealTracks Set 249: Old Time Folk

RealTracks Set 250: Rockabilly Swing

251 – 300

RealTracks Set 251: Traditional Celtic Percussion

RealTracks Set 252: Modern Country Pedal Steel

RealTracks Set 253: Country Fingerpicking with Joe Robinson

RealTracks Set 254: 12-key Hi-Q-Tab Brent Guitar, 12-key Eddy Pedal Steel and 12-key Mike Piano

RealTracks Set 255: Amazing Modern Pedal Steel

RealTracks Set 256: Brent Mason Nylon Guitar

RealTracks Set 257: A Taste of Peru

RealTracks Set 258: Latin America

RealTracks Set 259: Old Time and Celtic

RealTracks Set 260: Celtic Harp

RealTracks Set 261: Sounds of Hawaii

RealTracks Set 262: Great Country Drums with Shannon Forrest

RealTracks Set 263: Songwriter’s Guitar and Cello Toolkit

RealTracks Set 264: Crooner Bossa Big Band!

RealTracks Set 265: Crooner Ballad Big Band!

RealTracks Set 266: Jazz & Funk Potpourri

RealTracks Set 267: More Blues: Blues with Brent and Mike

RealTracks Set 268: Gypsy: Accordion, Piano, and Guitar

RealTracks Set 269: Smooth Soul with Brent and Mike

RealTracks Set 270: Modern Pop Waltz, 8ths, & 16ths with Zane Carney

RealTracks Set 271: House and More

RealTracks Set 272: Rap and Hip Hop

RealTracks Set 273: Hard Rock Shuffle

RealTracks Set 274: Hard Rock Straight Ahead

RealTracks Set 275: Retro 60s Drums

RealTracks Set 276: Pop Percussion

RealTracks Set 277: Pop and Rock Drums with Shannon Forrest

RealTracks Set 278: Shiny Vocal Oohs & Aahs!

RealTracks Set 279: Americana: Slow Groovin’ 12-8 & 16ths

RealTracks Set 280: Americana: Gritty Blues & Rockabilly Swing

RealTracks Set 281: More 12-key Hi-Q-Tab Brent Guitar, 12-key Eddy Pedal Steel, 12-key Mike Piano, and 12-key Byron Bass

RealTracks Set 282: Country Songwriter: Guitar & Keys

RealTracks Set 283: Jelly-Roll Country Harmonica

RealTracks Set 284: “Canadiana” Old Time Guitar, Banjo, and Foot Stompin’

RealTracks Set 285: Celtic Piano & Harp

RealTracks Set 286: Pop & Rock Guitars with Brent & Joe

RealTracks Set 287: Pop Songwriter: Acoustic Guitar

RealTracks Set 288: Southern Pop Drums with Land Richards

RealTracks Set 289: Fretless Bass, Pop Keys & Punk Drums

RealTracks Set 290: More Pop Percussion Singles

RealTracks Set 291: Modern Dancehall

RealTracks Set 292: Klezmer!

RealTracks Set 293: A Taste of Europe: France, Italy and Sweden

RealTracks Set 294: Big Band “Crooner Shout” Soloist!

RealTracks Set 295: Jazz Potpourri with 12-key Guitar, Jazz-Soul Piano, Jazz Strings and Percussion

RealTracks Set 296: Modern Jazz Bass & Drums

RealTracks Set 297: More Smooth Jazz & Fusion

RealTracks Set 298: Mariachi!

RealTracks Set 299: Rootsy Blues Guitar & Piano

RealTracks Set 300: Smokin’ Fast Jazz Bass

301 – 350

RealTracks Set 301: Modern Funk with Bob Lanzetti, Mark Lettieri, Sput Searight, Keita Ogawa and Alex Al

RealTracks Set 302: A Taste of Brazil with Alex Acuna & Ramon Stagnaro

RealTracks Set 303: Blues Harmonica with LD Miller

RealTracks Set 304: Blues Shuffle Horn Section

RealTracks Set 305: Funky Acoustic Guitar with Colin Linden and Joe Robinson

RealTracks Set 306: Tango and More!

RealTracks Set 307: World Guitar, Percussion, and more with Alex Acuna & Ramon Stagnaro

RealTracks Set 308: Djembe and more with with Keita Ogawa

RealTracks Set 309: More Blues with Sol Philcox

RealTracks Set 310: Acoustic and Electric Guitar Pop Soloists with Brent Maso

RealTracks Set 311: Cinematic Electric Guitar with Darin Favorite

RealTracks Set 312: A Taste of Europe 2

RealTracks Set 313: More Klezmer!

RealTracks Set 314: Pop Acoustic Bass & Accordion

RealTracks Set 315: Rock & Grunge Acoustic Guitar

RealTracks Set 316: More Southern Pop Drums with Land Richards

RealTracks Set 317: Guitar and Piano for Songwriters, with Brent Mason, Mike Rojas, Fintan O’Brien & Quinn Bachand

RealTracks Set 318: Campfire 12-String and 6-String Guitar

RealTracks Set 319: Amazing Modern Pedal Steel 2 with Eddy Dunlap

RealTracks Set 320: Chicken Pickin’ with Johnny Hiland

RealTracks Set 321: Americana Fiddle & Mandolin with Andy Leftwich

RealTracks Set 322: Americana Folk 6:8, with Brent Mason, Andy Leftwich, Eddy Dunlap, Bryan Owings, and Byron Hous

RealTracks Set 323: Americana Folk 8ths & 16ths, with Brent Mason, Andy Leftwich, Eddy Dunlap, Bryan Owings, and Byron House

RealTracks Set 324: Americana Keys and Resonator Guitar with Mike Rojas and Eddy Dunlap

RealTracks Set 325: Celtic Cello with Natalie Haas

RealTracks Set 326: Celtic Nylon and 12-String Guitar with Quinn Bachand

RealTracks Set 327: Celtic Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, and Mandolin Soloists with Andy Leftwich and Quinn Bachand

RealTracks Set 328: Gospel Low Vocal Mmms

RealTracks Set 329: Fusion and Gritty Funk with Jeff Lorber, Alex Acuna, Alex Al, Mark Lettieri, Sput Searight, and Keita Ogawa

RealTracks Set 330: Lounge JazzFunk with Jeff Lorber, Alex Al, Bob Lanzetti, Mark Lettieri, Sput Searight and Keita Ogawa

RealTracks Set 331: Latin America with Alex Acuna, Wes Little, & Keita Ogawa, drums and percussion, Brian Allen Bass

RealTracks Set 332: More Blues with Johnny Hiland and Sol Philcox

RealTracks Set 333: Rhythm Changes Comping and Soloing with PJ Perry (Sax), Miles Black (Piano), Oliver Gannon (Guitar), and Neil Swainson (bass)

RealTracks Set 334: Jazz Blues Changes Comping and Soloing with PJ Perry (Sax), Miles Black (Piano), Oliver Gannon (Guitar), and Neil Swainson (bass)

RealTracks Set 335: Rootsy Funk and More with Alex Al, Bob Lanzetti, Sput Searight and Keita Ogawa

RealTracks Set 336: Bossa Horn Section – BossaLounge and Pads with Jim Clark

RealTracks Set 336: Bossa Horn Section – BossaLounge and Pads with Jim Clark

RealTracks Set 337: Island Grooves – Steel Drum, Marimba and more!

RealTracks Set 338: Classic Guitars 1 – British Classic Rock and Blues Rock

RealTracks Set 339: Classic Guitars 2 – Hazy 60s

RealTracks Set 340: Classic Guitars 3 – British Psychedelic Rock

RealTracks Set 341: Cinematic Metal with Darin Favorite

RealTracks Set 342: Singer-Songwriter Guitar, Mandola, Fiddle, Banjo and Drums

RealTracks Set 343: All Ska! Classic and Modern

RealTracks Set 344: Cool Swing16 Gospel Vocals with Piano and Drums!

RealTracks Set 345: Bluesy Baritone with Brent Mason

RealTracks Set 346: Old-Time Music 1 – Happy Dance

RealTracks Set 347: Old-Time Music 2 – Mountain, Momma’s Prayer and More

RealTracks Set 348: Old-Time Music 3 – Old Time Waltz

RealTracks Set 349: Celtic Guitar, Bodhran & Jaw Harp with Quinn Bachand

RealTracks Set 350: Country Rock and Ballad Soloing with Johnny Hiland

351 – 400

RealTracks Set 351: Country Pollwinners 1 – Americana 16ths with Brent Mason, Fred Eltringham, and Steve Mackey

RealTracks Set 352: Country Pollwinners 2 – Nashville Radio Power Ballad


Band-in-a-Box RealDrums Set List


SGU BackingTracks

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