Turns a Karaoke into a Guitar Backing Track

Artificial Intelligence challenges Band in a Box again

or “how to make a backing track for guitarists from a karaoke version!”

We’ve already made a post (and a video) that brings surprising news in the making of our backing tracks: .Remove Vocals from Any Songs, for Free!

Here’s another trick that improves on the previous discoveries, to make good backing tracks for the guitarist who plays live using artificial intelligence (unless you want a higher sound quality, different pitch or other personal modifications. In in this case Band in a Box remains irreplaceable).

Using artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to delete the vocals and instruments, keeping only the bass and drums instead. The sound quality is acceptable for common needs.

And now our karaoke “trick”

If you want even higher quality I suggest you take a different approach. Instead of using the original version of the song from which we remove the instruments (in whole or in part) as well as the vocals, we use a classic karaoke version (or a backing track for guitar), from which we will remove only the usually annoying instrumental part as the volume is too high and sometimes with the presence of unwanted instruments, such as violins, woodwinds, etc.

So it will be enough to use the AI to lower or completely remove the instrumental part, without “tiring” our software in the task of also removing the voice.  In doing so we will obtain an even higher quality backing Track.

Video with examples:

I still remind you that if you have higher quality needs or if you want a song with different tonality, speed or instruments, the solution remains band in a box (see Remove Vocals from Any Songs, for Free!)

What is Band in a Box?

Think of musicians who have recorded instrumental parts in different keys and musical genres. The BiaB program stitches these parts together according to your commands, resulting in a real-sounding backing track, as if it were made in a recording studio!

One more consideration. If you need an acoustic backing track, (see the post dedicated to acoustic musicians) for example with only guitar accompaniment, you will have to use Band in a Box once again as there is still no AI capable of isolating a single guitar with decent quality.

SGU BackingTracks

Remove Vocals from Any Songs, for Free!

Better than Band in a Box? Remove vocals from any songs, for free!

A new free program with artificial intelligence for creating customized backing tracks. 

It is an online program, no installation. The song is saved after editing it to your computer.

We will also analyze the Pros and Cons of our beloved BiaB software.

How It Works

AI-Powered Music Separator

This app allows to separate music into an individual streams such as vocal, bass, percussion, and lets you rebalance their individual volumes. This is the simplest way to get multitracks from any song.

Once you choose a song, artificial intelligence will separate music into stems: vocals, bass, drums, others. Processing usually takes about 1 minute.

In many cases (like mine) Band in a Box is used to create customized backing tracks, with the desired instruments, styles, key and tempo.

In some cases this track remover program can be used for some needs, for example when you can’t get a satisfactory song with Band in a Box, and instead you want a backing track faithful to the original.

The two most important parts of the program are Vocal Remover and Splitter

Vocal Remover

Separate voice from music out of a song free with powerful AI algorithms

The program is easy to use, upload the file you want to modify and after a few seconds download the version you are interested in, for example the one with only the instrumental part.

Here is an example of songs with the vocal track removed.

THE BEATLES: Honey Don’t

DIRE STRAITS: Romeo and Juliet

If you also want to eliminate other instruments (for example you don’t want the lead guitar or maybe you just want bass and drums) you have to use the other version of the program, “Splitter”, whose functioning is similar.




Split music into separated parts with AI-Powered algorithms

Here is an example of a Motown song (Love Train) . This is the original before the editing:

Here is an example of the song with only the bass and drums tracks left:



Video test and tutorial

Pros and Cons compared to Band in a Box


  • Immediate creation of the backing track, without the vocal part.
  • Instrumental part faithful to the original.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Does not require installation.
  • It’s free.


  • The quality of the backing track is not comparable to Band in a Box.
  • Some instruments, such as the guitar, cannot be deleted individually, unless you use only the bass and drum parts with the Splitter program.
  • Being an audio file, any modification of the tonality leads to a deterioration of the sound quality. This doesn’t happen with Band in a Box, because the tracks are recorded by real musicians in all keys.


The programs also have other functions. We mention them here:
Audio Speed and Pitch Changer
Changes pitch and tempo of the song by adjusting musical key and bpm sliders.

Note: affects the quality of the audio, it is not recommended to change more than one tone.

Audio Speed and Pitch Changer
Audio Speed and Pitch Changer

Audio Cutter
Free editor to trim and cut any audio file online.
Audio Joiner
Join multiple audio tracks into one. Choose audio files you want to merge
Sing & Song Key and BPM Finder
Analyzes music and finds Key, Scale and BPM for any songrecord, tune voice and save complete song. Choose karaoke track you want to sing with
Recording Voice Over a Song.
Sing & record, tune voice and save complete song. Choose karaoke track you want to sing with.


I’ve tried several AI programs, but this one works well and is free.
You don’t install anything, no demo, you just save the song after the modifications.

It can be used to replace Band in a Box in some cases, such as when for example our creation deviates too much from the desired version, or you have little time available or when you don’t have the right RealTracks.

Remember that on the theguitarband.com site you will find many free backing tracks (.sgu) ready to download, and also an upgrade with a complete collection of over 600 songs at a price accessible to anyone.


Here’s another trick to make a backing track even from a karaoke version using artificial intelligence!  Backing Track from Karaoke with AI

SGU BackingTracks

“GUITAR IN A BOX” for Acoustic Sessions

For those who play live acoustic

Promotion: This collection of over 150 acoustic sgu files is now free for those who purchase the full sgu collection

Live music venues often want one or two musicians playing without backing tracks, even if these are played by real musicians, like Band in a Box’s realtracks. In fact, not seeing bass and drums the performance becomes not very credible.
Among the solutions that allow accompaniment is the looper, which however has the limits we know.

However, it is possible to solve the problem by playing alone, but with a backing track of only one acoustic guitar, as if you were in the presence of a second guitarist, in order to enrich the sound with our instrument, perform soloists, etc. , without the effort of always keeping ourselves engaged in an often monotonous guitar accompaniment.

The acoustic backing tracks that I use live and that I propose here are therefore not the classic backing tracks, and it makes little sense to be listened to alone, but must be played on them with your instrument. Special case: also suitable for those who cannot play the instrument well and want to sing with professional acoustic guitar accompaniment.Rhythm Guitar Backing Tracks Download

Unplugged Backing Tracks: play along with a “rhythm guitar-only” backing track

Note: This compilation was made for use by the live musician “onemanband”

The name  “Guitar in a Box”  immediately gives the idea of what we are talking about. Not a band, but a guitar to use as an accompaniment.

Play while accompanied by a classic backing track made up of multiple instruments is often not an ideal solution. The audience sees a guitarist, not a band!

After years of performing live as a “one-man band” I’ve decided to utilize backing tracks consisting of a single accompanying guitar. I think the result is much more credible and effective. In fact, two guitarists playing together are enough for an excellent musical performance. The problem is that it is neither easy nor practical to use a physical guitarist to accompany us.

The solution is to use a backing track made up of a guitar alone, authentically recorded, on which we can play solos or variations, perhaps even with the help of synchronized lyrics!

Rhythm guitar songs backing tracks. A unique collection to play live like two guitarists. Enough of the karaoke type bases, scarce real ones, exploit an accompaniment guitar track!

Check the SGU files song list:


Download the BiaB SGU Tracks (PayPal button below) and immediately start exploiting them for your own ends.

Real sounds mean greater involvement of the public and greater job opportunities!

  • All the SGU acoustic files in a single download.
  • You can take a listen to a sample of songs on the free download page


Buy Now by Credit Card, Google Pay, etc.   Only $ 29.   

Buy Now



Write to ggriscenko@gmail.com for a PayPal payment request

Write to ggriscenko@gmail.com for a PayPal payment request

For information or assistance contact Giancarlo (ggriscenko@gmail.com)




Note: unlike the acoustic sgu collection described above, this one also contains mp3 files with matching lyrics.

What are the guitar tracks

They are rhythm guitar only backing tracks, allowing you to focus on the main performance. The accompaniment guitar are bits of musical notes recorded and collected through the Band in a Box, allowing you to perform as if there were a second guitarist playing with you. This type of acoustic performance I’ve found is better appreciated by the public, who by now does are turned away from the typical karaoke type songs, demeaning value to the musician.

The tracks do not need to be modified as they are already used by me to play live, therefore extensively tested. They also come complete with synchronized lyrics. The songs have the corresponding sgu file.

In some cases, when necessary, there are soft percussions, such as tambourine or brushes, to better follow the rhythm (since there is no bass/drums).

Difference between my previous collection and the unplugged one

There are no bass, drums and keyboards, simply a rhythm guitar.
If you already have my previous sgu collections you could yourself create your own acoustic guitar song by silencing all the other tracks, saving in audio format and then adding the lyrics to have a song ready to play live through a player. It is a long commitment. In this collection you will find all the work done.

The tracks are ready in high quality audio format complete with synchronized lyrics. Hit the play button on your phone/player and go. Want an example? Watch the video!

How to change tonality?

On a song in audio format (wav, mp3) you cannot adjust the pitch. Instead, you must access the corresponding sgu BiaB file, make the desired changes, and save in audio format, combining the ready-made lyrics.

Different key version

For convenience, the collection contains a copy of most of the backing tracks in audio format in a version with a different key, for those who find the original tonality too high.

For example “Sultans of Swing” does not need a version in a different tonality, but “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith probably does.

Audio Player

Attached at the collection is a free program for Android suitable for those who play live (with stops at the end of the song, etc.).

I suggest you to get any cheap android phone, even dated, such as the Samsung J2 or similar for example, and dedicate it to just playing the tracks with a program like this.

Attractive extra feature.

Great idea for anyone using a vocal harmonizier

Since the backing tracks are made up of a single guitar and not multiple instruments, it is possible to use a harmonizer connected to the backing track and not to your guitar playing live. In this way you will be able to harmonize your voice without errors, in a simple and automatic way.

In classic use with harmonizer, your guitar is connected to the harmonizer which works according to the sounds it receives.

Instead, your guitar playing is independent from the rest of the system. In which case, your audio player is connected to the harmonizer, which “hears” the chords of the backing track. Your voice can then be harmonized simply by activating the harmonizer pedal, without playing errors!

Utilizzo con Harmonizer

Your performance is therefore schematically presented as follows:

Backing Track with Harmonizer

More about the vocal harmonizer https://www.theguitarband.com/vocal-harmonizer-with-band-in-a-box-backing-tracks/

What you will find in the collection

+ 154 files SGU




Total size 7 GB. Download Size (RAR) 4 GB

Do you want detailed content? Check the FULL FILES LIST

I have prepared a video with examples for the tracks:

Free Music Player Android for Musicians!

Best Music Player Android for Musicians

An exclusive player for our live audience !

Similar programs such as this are not available on the web. Although there are various musical players online, it is challenging to find a suitable program for musicians that also provide automatic playback of their music/lyrics.

This APK player is an ideal complement to live performances with my ready-made Biab Backing tracks.
The program supports LRC lyrics and has the following essential functions for those who perform live.

1. Keep the screen on
2. The font size of the lyrics
3. Pause after each song
4. Highlight Lyrics Color
5. Normal Lyrics Color
6. Background Color
7. The text align mode of lyrics
8. Equalizer
9. Playlist creator
10. Folders:
a. Artist
b. Albums
c. Songs
d. Folder
e. Playlist

This free player must be requested from Giancarlo after purchase the package (contact@theguitarband.com)

Any questions? Write me, ggriscenko@gmail.com (Giancarlo)

Download Now 

With 598 files on offer, with a decade worth of work behind this original and exclusive collection, I believe the price to be reasonable.

Full Collection Only $ 49.   Buy Now by Credit Card, Google Pay, or others: 

Buy Now
Buy Now



Write to ggriscenko@gmail.com for a PayPal payment request

Write to ggriscenko@gmail.com for a PayPal payment request





SGU BackingTracks

VOCAL HARMONIZER with Band-in-a-Box Backing Tracks

Brilliant! With “one-guitar only” backing tracks you can control a vocal harmonizer

(without connecting your instrument)

How does it work. The realtrack guitar of the backing track controls the vocalizer. No more mistakes!

VOCAL HARMONIZER with the unplugged Band-in-a-Box Backing Tracks.

It is finally easier to use an harmonizer if you have these backing tracks!

Find out more about backing tracks with only acoustic accompanying guitar: https://www.theguitarband.com/rhythm-guitar-backing-tracks-download/

With the unplugged backing tracks there is a different way of utilizing a vocal harmonizer.

harmonizer records your voice live and harmonizes you as you are singing. It picks up incoming audio and generates various harmonies at different pitches. The harmonizer allows you to hear the original melody and produces one or more harmonies at the same time.

A guitarist usually connects his guitar to the harmonizer, which recognizes the chords and produces a copy of the singer’s voice in one or more different keys. Example, singing in C, the harmonizer reproduces in real time your voice in F, or G, according to your settings.

Control the vocal harmonies with the backing tracks.

With these unplugged backing tracks you can use a vocal harmonizer using the guitar already registered in the backink track.

Just connect your audio player to the harmonizer, no longer your guitar to the harmonizer. The harmonizer recognizes the chords of the guitar played by the backing track, freeing you from the problem of a perfect guitar performance!

With these backing tracks you can exploit the harmonizer without worrying about hitting perfect chords.

It is finally easier to use an harmonizer

Harmonizer setup with backing tracks player

Here is an example of connections for a guitarist who plays alone


Harmonizer setup with guitar tracks player
Harmonizer setup with guitar tracks player

Find out how acoustic backing tracks work and watch the video examples

SGU BackingTracks

How To Install the Backing Tracks

Step by step how to install the backing tracks that you downloaded after purchase

This guide is for those who bought the complete collection. If you only bought the SGU tracks, read only the first part.

Some musicians asked me for explanations on how to install. Here a simple guide.

how to install the backing tracks

Your download file is a “RAR” file (what is a RAR? How to open a RAR?). After unzipping it, inside you will find the content (4 more folders):

the content (4 more folders)

SGU folder

Copy the SGU folder into the same folder (the first on the left) where you save the Band in a Box SGU files. If you don’t know where, click on BiaB main screen “Save As” and you can see the folder location (in this case “bb””):

SGU folder

You can choose the sgu song by clicking Open / Open File:

Open the sgu track


MP3 Folders

The other folders contain MP3 songs and lyrics. Each MP3 song is associated with a lyrics file, with .lrc extension, i.e.:

MP3 songs and lyrics

Remember that to show the lyrics you need to install an lrc program (I use MiniLyrics).

That’s all. Put the files in your favorite player, start the Mp3 and see the lyrics synchronized!

lyrics synchronized




SGU BackingTracks

How To Import and Play a Midi File on Band in a Box

How To import and play a midi file on Band-In-A-Box® with separate realtracks

The Band-In-A-Box  Trick: How The Experts Create a Song In A Few Minutes Without Learning The Chords!

We want to create a backing track in a few minutes, with real instruments. Watch the video,  but you can also follow the tutorial step by step on this page.

Import the MIDI file. The problem is that Band-in-a-Box® will import all the track of the MIDI file into a single track (the Melody track). We need a different procedure.

1. Search for the midi file, e.g. I can’t tell you why ” by The Eagles”, and download.Search for the midi file

2. Open Band in a Box without choruses

Open Band in a Box

Menu, Choruses =1

Choruses =1

3. Open the midi file (goes to Melody track)

Open the midi file

4. Here is your midi file, but all the tracks are on the melody track, and they cannot be separated.

Here is your midi file

5. Check the number of bars occupied by the song. You will have to add this number of bars later

number of bars occupied by the song

6. Select all the bars by dragging the mouse over the whole song and copy the content

Drag the mouse

7. Open a new song from scratch

Open a new song

8. Insert a number of bars not less than that of the midi

7.  number of bars

9. Paste the song

Paste the song

10.  Now your midi has all the tracks editable

all the tracks are editable

11. Replace them with your favorite real tracks

your favorite real tracks

12. Import your instruments to all the tracks you intend to use

Import your instruments

13. That’s all! Your song is ready. You can save it like “sgu” file or export (.wav or .mp3)

Your song is ready

14. Export  the song (Rendering)


15. Done.  This is your old midi with real tracks!

If you want the collection of ready-made original backing tracks: Full BiaB SGU Download

+ 600 sgu files and songs

SGU BackingTracks


NEW! Are you looking for an accompanying guitarist?

Perform alone with the backing of a second acoustic guitar recorded by a rhythm guitar player! (+ special bonus, see after)

These guitar backing tracks are dedicated to those who perform as soloists but at time require to be accompanied by a second acoustic guitarist, and have already discarded the use of the looper, midi or classic backing tracks, which due to the numerous instruments make the performance come across as unnatural.

Guitar Duo: You and the virtual player

After experimenting with the use of the looper (*) in my performances as alone guitarist, I had to think of a different solution, as the looper has the defect of easily causing live errors.

Even if previously storing the loops in special memories, the system remains impractical and with an unsatisfactory overall sound. Furthermore, it is precisely “loops” and not an entire composition, limiting the repertoire to a few dozen songs.


I have prepared for you a list of songs with only the accompaniment of the guitar, not midi, but with the real musicians of “Band in a Box”.

Here a demo video:

This collection of backing tracks was born from different demands:

  • Having the sound of a guitar accompaniment without the backing tracks instruments that make your performance feel artificial.
  • No midi sounds, but a real guitar that accompanies you, played by a real musician.
  • Read the lyrics already synchronized with the music.
  • All within the reach of a simple smartphone.
  • For those who use the harmonizer: to be able to harmonize the voice without playing the chords with your guitar, but automatically from the chords played by the backing track: no more mistakes!

If you already have Band in a Box you know what I’m talking about, backing tracks created with the rhythm guitar, excluding all other realtracks, in order to create an authentic accompaniment. The result is equivalent to a duo of true guitarists.

If you are unaware, or don’t have Band in a Box, you can use the mp3 tracks ready for your accompaniments, complete with lyrics, with your smartphone or mp3 player.

If you are already a user of the BiaB software, you can change the tracks as you wish without losing quality, such as pitch shifting, alternate guitar sounds, etc.

I have prepared for you a video, a PDF tutorial, a list of the songs, and some of the music to download as demo.

It’s time to impress your audience, add backing tracks “only rhythm guitar” to your performances and lyrics!

(*) Looper: a “looper” pedal records a musical passage and then repeatedly plays it back on a loop. Once it is played back, most loop pedals allow for overdubbing new passages over the first one.


With these tracks there is a different way of utilizing a vocal harmonizer.

Just connect your mp3 player to the harmonizer, no longer your guitar to the harmonizer. The harmonizer recognizes the chords of the guitar played by the backing track, freeing you from the problem of a perfect performance!

Different types of Vocal Harmonizers
Different types of Vocal Harmonizers

SGU BackingTracks

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