Turns a Karaoke into a Guitar Backing Track

Artificial Intelligence challenges Band in a Box again

or “how to make a backing track for guitarists from a karaoke version!”

We’ve already made a post (and a video) that brings surprising news in the making of our backing tracks: .Remove Vocals from Any Songs, for Free!

Here’s another trick that improves on the previous discoveries, to make good backing tracks for the guitarist who plays live using artificial intelligence (unless you want a higher sound quality, different pitch or other personal modifications. In in this case Band in a Box remains irreplaceable).

Using artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to delete the vocals and instruments, keeping only the bass and drums instead. The sound quality is acceptable for common needs.

And now our karaoke “trick”

If you want even higher quality I suggest you take a different approach. Instead of using the original version of the song from which we remove the instruments (in whole or in part) as well as the vocals, we use a classic karaoke version (or a backing track for guitar), from which we will remove only the usually annoying instrumental part as the volume is too high and sometimes with the presence of unwanted instruments, such as violins, woodwinds, etc.

So it will be enough to use the AI to lower or completely remove the instrumental part, without “tiring” our software in the task of also removing the voice.  In doing so we will obtain an even higher quality backing Track.

Video with examples:

I still remind you that if you have higher quality needs or if you want a song with different tonality, speed or instruments, the solution remains band in a box (see Remove Vocals from Any Songs, for Free!)

What is Band in a Box?

Think of musicians who have recorded instrumental parts in different keys and musical genres. The BiaB program stitches these parts together according to your commands, resulting in a real-sounding backing track, as if it were made in a recording studio!

One more consideration. If you need an acoustic backing track, (see the post dedicated to acoustic musicians) for example with only guitar accompaniment, you will have to use Band in a Box once again as there is still no AI capable of isolating a single guitar with decent quality.




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