Tip: Change the pitch of a part of the song without rewriting the chords

Tip: how to change the key of a part of a song without rewriting the chords

In this example (Spooky from the band ARS) it is necessary to raise the pitch by half a tone before the lead part.
Here’s how to do it without rewriting the chords.

1. This is (in black) the part you want to modify

2. Change the pitch of the song (in this case +half tone)

3. Copy the part you want to modify by dragging the mouse with the left button over the bars. Place the mouse on the highlighted part and copy (right click).

4. Return to the original screen (CTRL Z).

5. Place the mouse in the desired bar (in this case 42a) and paste.


We have changed the bar to green (42b) because refers to the part of the soloist, and we want a slightly different accompaniment.

With a video the procedure is perhaps more understandable:


For more tips and tutorials I suggest you download our complete Band in a Box tutorial and watch the other useful videos.

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