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Are you an enthusiastic creator or producer of musical compositions using Band in a Box? It’s time to share your creativity with our extensive community!

We’ve established a dedicated space on Facebook that has already surpassed 1000 members in no time, all united by a passion for music and the sharing of musical ideas.

Join us to explore a world of opportunities through the exchange of SGU files. Whether you’re seeking inspiration or eager to showcase your skills to the world, our group is the perfect place to do so. Download or upload your musical creations and immerse yourself in a universe of songs crafted by enthusiasts like yourself.

Our community is a hub where musicians, artists, or just passionate individuals come together to share their achievements every day. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, there’s room for everyone who loves to explore new musical horizons. You can search for your favorite song and download it for free with a simple search in our ever-growing archive.

Join us and become a part of this incredible network of musical creatives. With Band in a Box, your passion finds its space, and together, we can build a unique and diverse library of compositions.

The administrators Giancarlo Griscenko and Hans van Rosmalen thank all the participants for their numerous shares and their assiduous presence.

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