How To Install the Backing Tracks

Step by step how to install the backing tracks that you downloaded after purchase

This guide is for those who bought the complete collection. If you only bought the SGU tracks, read only the first part.

Some musicians asked me for explanations on how to install. Here a simple guide.

how to install the backing tracks

Your download file is a “RAR” file (what is a RAR? How to open a RAR?). After unzipping it, inside you will find the content (4 more folders):

the content (4 more folders)

SGU folder

Copy the SGU folder into the same folder (the first on the left) where you save the Band in a Box SGU files. If you don’t know where, click on BiaB main screen “Save As” and you can see the folder location (in this case “bb””):

SGU folder

You can choose the sgu song by clicking Open / Open File:

Open the sgu track


MP3 Folders

The other folders contain MP3 songs and lyrics. Each MP3 song is associated with a lyrics file, with .lrc extension, i.e.:

MP3 songs and lyrics

Remember that to show the lyrics you need to install an lrc program (I use MiniLyrics).

That’s all. Put the files in your favorite player, start the Mp3 and see the lyrics synchronized!

lyrics synchronized







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SGU BackingTracks


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Author: GiancarloG

One-Man-Band guitar player with self-composed backing tracks using Band-in-a-Box RealTracks

8 thoughts on “How To Install the Backing Tracks”

  1. I just bought the SGU files and can’t get them on to my computer. Where can I get help with this?

    1. Paypal shows the download automatically. I also sent you a copy of the link on October 19th. if you haven’t received it please write to ggriscenko @ gmail, thanks

  2. sgu backing tracks wont play in my biab says real track drums are missing how frustratingthis is

  3. I have to admit that this is absolutely awesome , the amount of time and knowledge that went into this is amazing.
    Hi i am new to band in a box and your little handy tutorial is great, especially after reading a few pages from PG music.
    i will get some money together and i want … no must have your complete works of everything.
    Hmm I might have to buy them separately because of funds.
    Can i buy them separately ?
    I want to play easy guitar and try and sing, that would make me happy.
    all the best


    1. Thank you Alan, but it is not easy to organize a separate sale. I preferred a simple solution, all tracks at a very low price!
      The backing tracks and the android player are included in the full package.

  4. Do I get the backing tracks if I only bought the SGU files? Can I get the Android App?

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