How To Import and Play a Midi File on Band in a Box

How To import and play a midi file on Band-In-A-Box® with separate realtracks

The Band-In-A-Box  Trick: How The Experts Create a Song In A Few Minutes Without Learning The Chords!

We want to create a backing track in a few minutes, with real instruments. Watch the video,  but you can also follow the tutorial step by step on this page.

Import the MIDI file. The problem is that Band-in-a-Box® will import all the track of the MIDI file into a single track (the Melody track). We need a different procedure.

1. Search for the midi file, e.g. I can’t tell you why ” by The Eagles”, and download.Search for the midi file

2. Open Band in a Box without choruses

Open Band in a Box

Menu, Choruses =1

Choruses =1

3. Open the midi file (goes to Melody track)

Open the midi file

4. Here is your midi file, but all the tracks are on the melody track, and they cannot be separated.

Here is your midi file

5. Check the number of bars occupied by the song. You will have to add this number of bars later

number of bars occupied by the song

6. Select all the bars by dragging the mouse over the whole song and copy the content

Drag the mouse

7. Open a new song from scratch

Open a new song

8. Insert a number of bars not less than that of the midi

7.  number of bars

9. Paste the song

Paste the song

10.  Now your midi has all the tracks editable

all the tracks are editable

11. Replace them with your favorite real tracks

your favorite real tracks

12. Import your instruments to all the tracks you intend to use

Import your instruments

13. That’s all! Your song is ready. You can save it like “sgu” file or export (.wav or .mp3)

Your song is ready

14. Export  the song (Rendering)


15. Done.  This is your old midi with real tracks!

If you want the collection of ready-made original backing tracks: Full BiaB SGU Download

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