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Key Transposer: Backing Tracks in Different Keys

Transposing the key with BiaB

Why a different key?

A different pitch is often essential for a singer that needs lower tones, such as a woman’s voice.

Maybe you have noticed that many of these backing tracks are played in different keys. Some of you have expressed disappointment in such cases. But what is the reason for this choice?
It’s easy to find backing tracks of the most famous songs on the net, but it is almost impossible to find the same in a different key, and you will notice that changing the pitch affects the sound quality.

Key Transposer: a practical example?

Transposing backing trak Biab

Take the “I Will” by the Beatles. It’s in the F key. This tone is not suitable for everyone.
For many it is more comfortable to sing it in the C key.
The group Monnalisa Twins executes the song transposed in a different tone, C:

Monnalisa Twins I will key of C
Monnalisa Twins “I will” in the key of C

This is the original song by The Beatles (I Will, White Album 1968) in the original key, F:

The Beatles - I Will - Original key of F

The tracks ready made with Band-In-A-Box on are for those who require these needs, and being available for free download, represent for many a precious catalog of songs.

Key Transposer to pleasure with Band-In-A-Box.

from SGU to Mp3
Key Transposer: SGU to Mp3

BAND IN A BOX allows the key change in one click (as in the midi).

An mp3 song is notoriously unable to be transposed, though Band in a box has several options.:

  • Realize the track on whichever key, and export it to mp3 in the desired tone. Obtain a song file (SGU) ready to open with BIAB, and change the key in one click.
  • Download a ready SGU from this page.
  • You can also buy the Complete Collection with over 600 SGU band-in-a-box backing  tracks ready and tested, without wasting time creating your own backing tracks.


Transposing from F to C
The song in F is not easy to sing. Change it to C with the SGU file of Band-in-a-Box.

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